Biden Tells Media He Would Defy Senate Subpoena Do You Buy His Excuse? (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 28, 2019

Biden plans to blow off Senate subpoenas, even though Trump blowing off Congressional demands for witnesses WITHOUT WH counsel present they’re filing ‘contempt of Congress’ articles.

Biden can’t have it both ways.

He can accuse Trump all day long, with unfounded allegations about his motives… but when it is suggested that he can prove that his motives were professional and not personal by looking into the same details he asked the Ukranian President to look into, Biden wants to suddenly move the goalposts.

Forget the fact that there was a DIRECT Quid-pro-quo on Joe’s part as boasted about by none other than Joe himself. That statement about withholding a billion dollars of American aid (While, Schiff and others solemnly assure us that withholding aid would put Ukranian lives in danger, and strengthen the hand of the Russians) was directly tied to him making demands about the guy investigating a company in which his son sets on the board.

Joe’s Billion dollar bullying MAKES it a national issue. Did AMERICA wrongly abuse its own power under that last guy, however much other people might be spinning the story? Trump is well within his right to find that out.

Biden has been accusing Trump of being politically motivated in his interest in questioning whether Burisma (and thus, Hunter Biden) where showing any signs of political corruption or pay-for-play in a country that was described as one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

We are supposed to just dismiss as coincidence the contact between the White House and Burisma’s reps right around the time that Biden demanded that Ukrainian Prosecutor’s firing?

We are supposed to just dismiss as irrelevant the Five Point Three Billion dollars of foreign aid that was being misspent — 80% of it Taxpayer dollars — that the ‘heroic anti-corruption’ ambassador seemed strangely inclined to sweep under the rug. SMOKING GUN: Rudy G Found Ukranian Accounting Records From 2017… Obama & Biden Have Some ‘Splaining To Do

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Trump has spent his whole life trying to take the focus off of HIM, has he Biden?

That must be why he’s so shy about having his name attached to any of his work… his building projects, for example.

Is Biden trying to set up legitimate reasons to impeach him even before the Democrat primary is formed?

Because Quid-Pro-Joe taking a position like this one on (hypothetical) subpoenas puts Pelosi’s Impeachment Plot on some very thin ice indeed.

If Trump ‘failing’ to comply with a subpoena that wasn’t even brought to the courts for enforcement was so bad — and he at least has the plausible explanation of Executive Privilege to fall back on — why would we give Biden a pass for blowing off a Senate subpoena?

That DOES seem to be his play, doesn’t it?

If you listen carefully, you’ll notice he’s even coaching the media on how he thinks they need to report on Trump stories, as though he somehow has any right to do so.

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