BREAKING: Latest Supreme Court Ruling Is GREAT News For The Pro-Life Movement

Written by K. Walker on December 9, 2019

The “Shout Your Abortion” folks are gonna be really upset about this.

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge against a 2017 pro-life law in Kentucky requiring a doctor to perform a “narrated” ultrasound and have the woman seeking the abortion hear the heartbeat of the child before she is able to terminate the life.

Kentucky’s lone abortion clinic and its three doctors had filed an appeal against the law saying that it violated their “free speech rights.” A federal appeals court, in a divided decision, upheld the law as a legitimate “informed consent” requirement. This prompted the move up to appeal to have the case heard by the Supreme Court.

This Kentucky law forces abortionists to face the biological facts that abortion ends the life of a child and relay that in detail to their patients before they perform an abortion.

That’s got to be uncomfortable for both parties who don’t want to deal with the reality of the innocent life that they are making the decision to terminate.

It’s difficult to call a baby a “clump of cells” when ultrasound technology is as advanced as it is — able to identify body parts and organs in the first trimester — and a fetal heartbeat can be heard as early as 5 1/2 weeks. 

It’s a massive win for the pro-life movement.

Kentucky argued the law is “simple and straightforward,” calling it part of an” informed-consent process.” The law, Kentucky said, “does nothing more than require that women who are considering an abortion be provided with information that is truthful, non-misleading and relevant to their decision of whether to have an abortion.”

The court rejected the case without comment or noted dissent by any of the justices.
Source: CNN

Founder of Live Action and prominent pro-life advocate, Lila Rose, tweeted out the good news.

While pro-lifers are elated with the news, those who applaud the mass-slaughter of innocent babies, weren’t so thrilled.

Some went absolutely nuts claiming that the decision amounted to “medical rape” of a woman seeking an abortion.

This particular hysteria is related to the rare instances that a woman would have a transvaginal ultrasound which means that the ultrasound probe is placed into the vagina instead of the non-invasive abdominal ultrasound. Transvaginal ultrasounds are normal medical procedures that are performed in the first trimester of pregnancy as well for a variety of other female health reasons. They are also more accurate than other pelvic or abdominal ultrasounds.

Cue the Handmaid’s Tale references:

These people are so predictable.

The real horror is that there is not universal horror about abortion despite the massive advances to medical technology in the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade.

Fortunately, the tide is turning on that front, and the abortion rates are dropping. Even the pro-abortion, left-leaning Guttmacher Institute says that it’s not due to pro-life laws.

Still, there is a very loud activist movement that denies the humanity of the unborn.

Pro-lifers should celebrate this victory and thank God for President Trump and the two Supreme Court Justices that he appointed — Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh.


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