CNN’s Primetime Town Hall With Nancy Pelosi Was A Ratings Flop

Written by K. Walker on December 7, 2019

Yikes! This is embarrassing!

On Thursday, just hours after Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA) announced that she was instructing House Judiciary Chair, Rep. Jerry Nadler(D-NY) to move forward on articles of impeachment against President Trump, she appeared on CNN for a televised town hall.

The much-hyped event moderated by Jake Tapper was planned ahead of time, but the timing of Pelosi’s announcement seems a bit… convenient.

How fortuitous that Pelosi made it clear that they’re moving forward on articles of impeachment right before the town hall, right?

They’re going for it…

The town hall averaged 1.6 million viewers, including 410,000 in the crucial age 25-54 demographic. Meanwhile, Fox News‘ regular primetime lineup averaged 3.4 million viewers, including 565,000 in the 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. Fox News’ April town hall with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders remains the highest rated town hall of the 2020 election cycle, having averaged 2.6 million viewers.

Source: Daily Caller

…and fell flat on their back.

It appears that the real winner on Thursday night was Fox News.

During the town hall, Pelosi made it clear that the push for impeachment is completely political.

Aren’t you sorry that you missed that gem of a program?

The push for impeachment isn’t just diametrically opposed to what several leading Democrats had said during the Clinton Impeachment in 1998 — going so far as to call it a “partisan lynching” — but it’s not working out so well. The further this goes, the more apparent it is that it’s a partisan power-play. Unfortunately for the Democrats, it seems to be backfiring. President Trump and the GOP are raking in cash for 2020, and voters in key swing states just don’t like it.

Polls in key 2020 states show that support for impeaching President Trump is lower than in national impeachment polls, according to an analysis by the Washington Post.

Why it matters: The polls signal that pursuing impeachment could potentially hurt Democrats in states they need to carry to defeat Trump in his bid for a second term.

By the numbers: In a dozen October and November polls on impeachment in battleground states like Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin, an average of 44% of those surveyed supported impeachment, with 51% opposed, according to the Post.
Source: Axios

The Democrats and their partisan hacks in the Media(D) are still going to push for impeachment… but they will be doing it in an echo chamber.


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