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Crossed A Line: Schiff’s Report Includes Call Records For Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Devin Nunes, And Journalist John Solomon

How, exactly, did Schiff get call records involving a journalist, a colleague, and the President’s personal lawyer?

We are hearing all kinds of talk about the abuse of political power, but the specific examples of it all seem to be lining up on one side.

What should we really expect from the party that spied on an active Presidental campaign, had Brennan’s CIA hack Senate computers, wiretapping the AP, and so forth?

Schiff has included the phone records of a journalist, of a Congressional colleague, and of the President’s own lawyer.

How, and more importantly, why did they have access to such details?

What OTHER end runs will they have done around the lawful use of the Executive privilege of — what they love to remind us is a CO-EQUAL branch of government — and a Journalist’s legitimate First Amendment rights?

Or do such trivialities evaporate when the stand in the way of tinpot tyrants like Adam Schiff and company?

This is the same party that blocked any inquiry into questions that would have shone light into how much contact Schiff and his staffers had in illicitly coordinating this entire impeachment process.

It is certain that Schiff’s own staffers had direct contact with the so-called Whistleblower — reportedly THIS guy — in direct contradiction to the process actual whistleblowers are expected to follow.

It is certain that Schiff sent staffers to Ukraine in August for meetings with people there that would later become witnesses. And that the trip was sponsored by Ukranian oligarchs connected with Biden’s Burisma gig.

It is also certain that one of the Democrats’ chief witnesses against Trump, the former Ambassador to the Ukraine, abused her power to gather information on US persons… among them was this same journalist.

The prominent conservative figures — journalists and persons with ties to President Donald Trump — allegedly unlawfully monitored by the State Department in Ukraine at the request of ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch include:

Jack Posobiec, Donald Trump Jr., Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michael McFaul (Obama’s ambassador to Russia), Dan Bongino, Ryan Saavedra, Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, John Solomon, Lou Dobbs, Pamella Geller, Sara Carter
Source: Judicial Watch

The Democrats have blocked any and all evidence that would be the least bit exculpatory to the President while framing their witnesses in the most damning possible manner.

Imagine the media outrage if, for example, the CIA were discovered to have been using their powers to illicitly monitor the activities of Schiff’s Impeachment circle?

But now the Media(D) isn’t merely accepting this setting aside of the 4th Amendment, but they are celebrating the information dredged up that they believe will be harmful to the Republican cause.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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