DJT’s Impeachnent Letter Trolling Pelosi Is Peak Trump — Here’s Why It’s Also ‘Stable Genius’

Written by Wes Walker on December 18, 2019

Now that House Impeachment is a done deal, The President is framing history in his own terms… and OH, what Trumpian terms they are!

When you take a step back and really dissect what he’s doing with this letter, it’s hard NOT to be impressed. We’ll sketch out the arch of his content, and then explain why we think — at least for the purposes he is looking to achieve — this letter is freaking brilliant, with a wonderful Churchillian twist tucked into it.

No, it’s not a speech that will be remembered alongside Cicero, Washington, or Lincoln. It isn’t a masterpiece in prose. It has a different objective.

This letter has several ‘layers’ to it. As you read it, it helps to imagine his intended audience. The letter is addressed to Pelosi, sure, but this is hardly an opportunity he would waste by ‘merely’ addressing Pelosi herself.

Predictably, Pelosi blew it off. Maybe because she doesn’t realize how effective his tool might be. Maybe because she doesn’t have a decent response to what he’s said.

Trump’s letter is his first reply to the impeachment inquiry on official White House stationery. The words in this letter don’t just have Pelosi as an audience, but the American people as well. It’s yet another messaging end-run around the media gate-keepers using that ridiculously-effective lightning-rod effect we at ClashDaily have been observing for years to FORCE his media opponents to talk about it.

Here’s the general flow of the letter (you can read the whole thing here).

He opens with a broadside against the process they are using for impeachment, a partisan abuse of power not rooted in any sense of history or traditional jurisprudence.

He blasts the Dems for violating *their* oaths of office by pursuing impeachment without cause, calling out their contempt for the Constitution, and the Founding  Fathers.

Then he starts deconstructing the articles against him, showing reasons he thinks they are bogus, making specific reference to why the Biden issue is relevant to his case.

After that, he makes a case for what he believes is the REAL motivation driving his accusers in this process… a naked power grab, after losing an election.

He uses some of their own words against them, including Pelosi’s been doing this for ‘two and a half years’ comment, recounting historical examples of cries for impeachment going right back to the 19 minutes after his inauguration.

He contrasts his impressive list of accomplishments, and stacks it against the ‘do-nothing Democrats’. And OH! What a list of accomplishments it is! (And we’re only halfway through the letter!)

He recaps the previous failed attempts to usurp and discredit him. Russia Hoax, Mueller Report. Hillary’s purchased and debunked Dossier of Russian Disinformation. Abuse of FBI and DOJ powers. Denial of his OWN fundamental rights in an unserious House Impeachment process.

Right here at the heart of the point he wants to drive home is where he plants his lightning rod, the catnip the press can’t help but talk about: “More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials.”

They media flunkies will all rush off and call him outrageous, unhinged, irrational or whatever. Just look what that crazy Orange Man just said about Salem!

Look at the paragraphs before and after that lightning rod of attention:

The paragraph before lays out his deprivation of due process, his right to present evidence, counsel, face accusers etc… and invokes the Whistleblower.

The paragraph following contrasts Pelosi’s promise of bipartisan process against the actual record of hyper-partisan condemnation.

Closing thoughts call the Democrats partisan some more, portraying the Republican party, not himself personally, as the real target, and then he drops the hammer on all their pious pearl-clutching and faux solemnity.

What’s so great about this letter:

This letter accomplishes several things.

It allows Trump to succinctly make a case — in his own defense and in his own language — laying out a narrative for what REALLY happened that you would never find in the evening news.

The ‘lightning rod’ line is pure advertising. It’s the ‘x-factor’ thrown in for no other reason than to make the entire letter a subject of conversation. He wants this letter to go viral, and be read broadly by the public.

He is writing history in real time. Trump knows exactly what leftist historians and academia will do to his name, his presidency, and his record the minute he leaves office, whether that’s one year from now or five.

By writing this letter, there is Primary Source information that historians will NOT be easily able to ignore and sweep under the rug… information that, as of today, is in a permanent record of Trump’s impeachment process that will be read by historians 100 years from now.

The context of this conflict is now permanent. Memory of the FISA abuses, of Hillary’s Russian misinformation dossier, of Biden’s alleged corruption, of bold pledges to unseat Trump long since predated the supposed predicate for their articles of impeachment… a relatively harmless phone call with his Ukranian Presidential counterpart.

History is written by the victors… and (like Churchill a few generations ago) Trump is NOT waiting for someone else to transcribe it for him.

Churchill’s quote was ‘History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.’

And that is exactly what the 45th President did with this letter.

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