Giuliani: Ambassador Yovanovitch Lied Under Oath And Impeachment Is A Democrat ‘Cover-Up’

Written by Wes Walker on December 18, 2019

Remember the ‘Star Witness’ former Ambassador that received a hero’s welcome in the impeachment process? Maybe she’s not the ‘hero’ they claimed.

Giuliani takes a lot of heat for going to Ukraine and flipping over rocks to see what’s under them. They cast aspersions on why he’s ‘really’ going, and what he’s ‘really’ doing.

They say ‘his personal lawyer’ has no business abroad.

Oh really? Trump sat back quietly and complied with EVERY demand of the Mueller investigation. And if he had lifted a finger in his own defense, it would have been characterized as Obstruction of Justice.

Then Mueller wrapped up his report, and now the President’s lawyer was free to look into any aspect of the conspiracy that had risen to oust Trump in the first place … including the Ukranian contributors of the Steele Dossier used to instigate the surveillance and the

What’s under them?

Here are a couple of clips — first one of Giuliani making the case himself:

The following includes actual evidence worthy of at least a review by authorities.

If it turns out a witness in the would-be impeachment of a sitting President on the basis of conjecture and hearsay rather than direct evidence as we have had in the last, shouldn’t such perjury be taken at LEAST as seriously as the left took General Flynn’s alleged lies?

The Democrats rush ahead to dismiss claims against the Ambassador and the Bidens as merely ‘Russian Propaganda’.

This is the same group of Democrats that read portions of the Steele Dossier into the Congressional Record. Give the evidence a hearing. It will either check out, or be as disproven and the allegations against Trump.