HERO DOG: K9 Leaps Through Broken Glass To Subdue Fugitive After Police Chase

Written by Wes Walker on December 21, 2019

Who’s a good boy? This dog is!

If you liked the hero dog that bagged Baghdadi, you’ll like this story too. He’s the same breed of dog.

After leading cops near LA on a lengthy pursuit, cops finally caught up with their fugitive, Julio Vasquez.

Switching to rubber bullets, they broke the window in his vehicle, and that’s when their K9 officer went to work.

Duke (that’s his name) jumped through a broken window and took a couple of punches in the exchange, but he came out ok. You could say he’s a tough son of a bitch, without even cussing.

It’s awesome to see that police have another tool in their toolbelt one that will help the process of nabbing the bad guys become that much safer for all involved.


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