Hey Comey: Horowitz Just Blew Your Claims of ‘Vindication’ Straight To Hell (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 11, 2019

All that crowing we saw from Comey earlier this week just came to a screeching halt when Horowitz answered one direct question.

As predicted, the Impeachment process rushed to a conclusion just in time to get ahead of the Horowitz IG Report and contest it for headline space and national media attention.

Today, while visions of Impeachment dance in the heads of the Partisan Press, the work in the Senate marches on.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was in session asking questions of the Inspector General and his report. One question, in particular, caught our notice.

Before we jump to that question, let’s set this up properly by citing a couple of Comey’s most recent self-congratulatory tweets:

Sure, Comey’s a real ‘martyr’ for the cause of justice. But, he just might want to keep his lawyer on speed dial anyway.

Horowitz’s answer gave Comey an absolute SPANKING.

The very guy whose report Comey leaned on for his ‘vindication’ was asked a direct question about that vindication.

The answer was, shall we say, ‘unhelpful’ to Comey’s cause.


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