Impeachment Dems Getting Trolled With ‘Hey Siri, Who’s The President’ Videos

Written by Wes Walker on December 23, 2019

Public schools have failed their students so badly in civics, that people were actually wondering if Trump was still President after Nancy slammed that gavel. That led to a new internet trolling game…

The way the game works is pretty simple.

You get a group together, with one person filming what’s going on.

Another guy holds up his phone and asks Siri who the President is. Siri gives the answer and the crowd erupts in cheering.

Here’s an example:

Here’s a family getting in on the fun:

Some bros getting together and doing it right…

And here’s what the Dems REALLY fear: A room full of energetic, politically-motivated young people cheering Trump as their president:

How bad is it for Pelosi?

It’s so bad that the trend has taken on an international flavor.

Pelosi’s impeachment has become a global punchline. But don’t expect Don Lemon to bring that up. He’s only interested when he can call America a ‘laughingstock’ because nutless wonders like Trudeau whisper behind the President’s back.