Kaepernick’s Tryouts Landed Someone A Job… It Just Wasn’t Colin (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 5, 2019

Not only has he been eating crow, but he just got served up a chaser of humble pie.

Oh, the humanity.

Colin Kaepernick has known how to find his way into the spotlight for years now. Not for actually playing the game, though. (This is good news for him, seeing has he hasn’t been playing the game for years, and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.)

No, he nabs the spotlight by showboating. It almost destroyed the NFL, but what does he care, his checks have already cleared, and he’s managed to snag an endorsement deal from Nike, to boot.

Even so, for a guy with an ego as enormous as his, this HAS to be a bitter pill to swallow after his recent much-hyped NFL tryouts.

Scouts from NFL teams were expected to come to him (well isn’t THAT special, a real team player) while he showcased his special skills for all to watch.

Even the Detroit Lions, a team whose need for a qualified Quarterback is glaringly obvious passed him by.

But those tryouts weren’t a total waste of time.

It led to somebody’s big break. Not Kapernick, of course.

Jordan Veasy.

He’s headed to Washington to join their practice squad.

Colin, on the other hand, is headed home to whatever rock it is he crawled out from under.

Maybe he’d have better luck if he weren’t trying to play a TEAM sport. Maybe he’s got the chops to succeed in golf or tennis or something.

Something that lets him be self-centered SOB without injecting toxic levels of drama into a team culture.

Or he could go back to being a full-time activist or whatever the hell he’s been doing while the rest of us got on with our lives.