LMAO: Justice Gorsuch Appears On ‘Fox & Friends’ — The Left Lose Their Damn Minds

Written by K. Walker on December 17, 2019

What happens when a Supreme Court Justice appears on Fox News? The left clutches their pearls and wails about the end of non-partisan jurisprudence.

Non-partisan jurisprudence was just fine when the Supreme Court tilted left with justices that were content to find Constitutional rights that didn’t exist to put forward a political agenda. That didn’t matter. But suddenly, President Trump appoints two originalist Justices and it’s the end of the freaking world.

One of those originalists, Justice Neil Gorsuch, appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and discussed his book, A Republic, If You Can Keep It.

That completely triggered CNN’s “Media Watchdog” Brian Stelter who tweeted about it immediately.

But he wasn’t alone.

Some were actually upset that Justice Gorsuch started the interview by saying “Merry Christmas” a mere 8 days before Christmas.

The seasonal greeting is now a “Rightwing Talking Point,” y’all.

Ian Millhiser, Senior Correspondent for Vox was offended on behalf of parliamentary democracies everywhere.

I’m sure Canada, the U.K, and Australia are thrilled with the White Knighting by Mr. Millhiser. (Also, yes, indeed, they are less free. The United States is the most free nation on earth specifically because the checks and balances of power were built into founding documents.)

Others, from the side that wants to abolish the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, and impeach a President because they don’t like his tweets, were upset that he was promoting his book on the Fox News Channel.

But, as some Twitter users pointed out, he’s hardly the first to promote his book on ideologically-friendly television shows.

The entire mythology of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is just beyond the pale.

And the claim that Justice Gorsuch is only promoting his book on Fox & Friends is ridiculous.


He was on CNN in September to promote his book when it was actually released.

But, enough with facts. Back to the hysterical leftists.

This contributor to The Onion didn’t appear to be joking.

And, of course, RUSSIA!

It got very weird…

This Times op-ed writer is just triggered by non-liberals on the Supreme Court because… Merrick Garland.


But hey, thanks for making everything partisan, leftists. That’s just awesome!

Oh, by the way, that’s literally how you got President Trump.

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