Punk@ss Teens Tormenting A Wounded Deer Give All Hunters A Bad Name

Written by Wes Walker on December 3, 2019

If you enjoy making an animal suffer, you aren’t a hunter, you are a gutless freak and real hunters want nothing, that’s NOTHING, to do with you.

After two wanna-be ‘badass’ young punks filmed themselves kicking the crap out of a wounded animal rather than giving putting the wounded animal out of its misery, authorities are now looking for them.

Someone out there knows who these dopes are, and the sooner they get dealt with, the better off we will all be for it.

For some reason, after shooting and wounding a deer, it wasn’t enough just to finish with a clean kill and call it a day. These two young guys thought it would be a great plan to beat the hell out of it, too.

They were kicking it in the head along whatever else they were doing to the poor beast.

It wasn’t enough just to abuse it, but they had to FILM it, too.

Even THAT wasn’t enough for them. They were so proud of their little tough guy routine that they shared their video with someone else, who passed it along to others.

One of those ‘others’ did the right thing and sent it forward to authorities’.

Here are the details:

Cody Hetrick and Alex Smith are teen hunters from Brookville, Pennsylvania, who have sparked outrage and are being investigated after a video was posted on Facebook showing them torturing a deer while hunting. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is investigating and could bring charges against Hetrick and Smith.

The video was posted on Facebook on Saturday, November 30 by Gregg Rossman. He wrote, “Something definitely needs done. This video was shared to me from a mutual friend on Snapchat.” Rossman added, “I was not a part of this! I shared simply to get the attention of authorities!”

…The Pennsylvania Game Commission wrote on Facebook in a reply to Rossman, “Thank you for sharing this with us and for your concern for Pennsylvania wildlife. We are aware of the incident and we are investigating it. If you have any information related to the video, please report it to the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-888-PGC-8001 or the Game Commission’s Northwest Region Dispatch at 814-432-3187.”

…Bob Chase, the vice president of the Pennsylvania Hunting and Fishing Addicts group told KDKA-TV, “It’s not who we are as hunters. It sickens me to find out that something like that gets out and a lot of people think ‘hey, this is what these guys do in the woods,’ and it’s not at all like that.”
Source: Heavy

The associated images are disturbing:


These aren’t hunters, they’re sadists.

There is a right way to hunt, one that respects your quarry, and gives them a quick end.

This isn’t it.

For anyone wondering what ethical hunting is SUPPOSED to look like, you can start here:

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