They Hate Trump But Now Want His Help In New York…

Written by Cindy Grosz on December 31, 2019

Jewish and Black Democratic elected officials from President Trump’s birth state, (and home state for most of his life,) New York, have something in common… they hate President Trump. State Senator Todd Kaminsky was instrumental in helping Attorney General Leticia James prepare the legal documents to sue President Trump in New York Courts. We know about the work of Senator Schumer and Congressmen Nadler, Lowey, Engel, Meeks, Jeffries, Clarke, as their votes speak volumes. Jewish Congressman Max Rose had the nerve to stand with President Trump and his family at the White House Chanukah party and witness the signing of an executive order to fight anti-Semitism only to announce his vote for impeachment days later.

They are so worried about President Trump’s finances and business ventures pre-presidency, I hope one day President Donald J. Trump and executives at The Trump Organization open the books exposing every donation to their campaigns and causes throughout the years these people were candidates and held office.

They also have something else in common — these elected Jews and Blacks have either sat silently or publicly supported the rise of anti-Semitic words and actions in New York. They are supported by teachers unions, where an impartial, opinionated curriculum taints Jews and their history. They befriend Linda Sarsour and others with the excuse of multiculturalism. In Congress, they remain silent or support the shenanigans of “The Squad.” And, they don’t put into action severe punishments for those who incite and commit crimes as Jews walk streets, shop in supermarkets and pray in their synagogues.

On the state and local levels it’s worse. Jews helped elect an assembly and state senate led by Speaker of the House Carl Heastie, Majority Leader, Crystal Peoples-Stokes and State Senate Leader, Andrew Stewart-Cousins. Every single legislative piece defies the Trump administration’s agenda. And, it stimulates friction among minorities and Jews. While unemployment rates and costs of living around the country under Republican state and local leadership improves, New York has become a toilet. Just smell a subway or store corner.

Now, New York Black on Jew hate crimes are epidemic. For every attack we hear about, there are many we don’t. The Chanukah Monsey incident took the fears and frustrations to a new height nationally.

What does the fake news do? They headline new impeachment opinions for when Congress resumes, blame President Trump for New York hate crimes AND beg him for help, even asking for assistance from the National Guard and FBI.

And who asks for assistance from President Trump and the administration the most? Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

The excuse, “In New York, you can vote President Trump, but you must vote Democratic for everything else” is nonsense!

State Senator Kevin Parker of Brooklyn, who has a history of many legal issues himself, stated in a recent interview with The New York Post that, “He sees the strong presence of Brooklyn lawmakers and black clergy at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Sunday presser denouncing anti-Semitism demonstrated that African-American leaders are standing up against hatred no matter who is doing the hating. But like de Blasio, he put much of the blame squarely on President Trump. When the boys in khaki were marching [in Charlottesville] with their tiki torches and chanting, ‘We won’t be replaced,’ they were talking about Jews, not blacks, replacing them.” Parker believes Trump didn’t denounce those white nationalists strongly enough. He and his wife have many Jewish friends.”

This article is not about hating black people. Many black people I associate with are Zionists. Many black people I am friends with are embarrassed and horrified about the hate crimes going on. But they are conservatives and republicans.

My friends figured out something a long time ago about the Democratic Black leadership that we can take a lesson from. Black Democratic, Progressive leadership in the United States from Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan to Barack Obama hurt the Black community overall.

I’m sure if asked in a professional manner, President Trump would help police protect Jewish neighborhoods.

Think about voting Republican in November down the line and start now by changing your party affiliations, volunteering on campaigns, donating money and finding qualified candidates to run and win in 2020 and save New York!!!

Cindy Grosz is an Advisor for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. She created the National Jewish Voter Registration Drive. She is also the Long Island Chair for Jews Choose Trump. She has been acknowledged as the Jewish Patriot Award recipient from the Queens County GOP and has received multiple Aishes Chayil awards from Jewish Organizations. She has been co-hosting for The Jersey Joe Show, WOR710AM in NY, Sunday nights at 7PM, during the summer, or heard anytime on iHeartRadio. You can reach her at or on social media at @cindyscorners