Uh-Oh, Joe! Obama’s Former Doctor Says Biden Is ‘Not A Healthy Guy’ — There Are ‘A Lot Of Issues’

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2019

Joe Biden’s campaign released his medical records recently, but Barack Obama’s former doctor is concerned about what they didn’t cover.

Dr. David Scheiner, 81, says that Biden’s medical records were concerning and incomplete.

The former Vice President has had several medical issues over the years which were noted in the report, but Dr. Sheiner says that more test results should have been released. He was surprised at the revelations contained in the incomplete records, “I had no idea Biden had such a history. My goodness gracious, he’s got a lot of history.”

“He’s not a healthy guy,” Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama’s personal physician for 22 years before he became president, concluded after reading the records. “He’s not in bad shape for his age, but I wouldn’t say he’s in outstanding health. Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.”

A three-page letter from Biden’s physician concluded the former vice president is a “healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old” that is fit to be president. But the letter also revealed Biden receives treatment for an irregular heartbeat and high cholesterol and that he deals with acid reflux and seasonal allergies. It noted his already known history of aneurysms and that he took blood thinners.

The details from the letter made Scheiner, 81, concerned about Biden’s potential for strokes, and he said he would want to see results from an MRI or CT scan. Because Biden also used to have sleep apnea before getting surgery on his sinus and nasal passages, Scheiner said he would also like to review the results of a sleep study.

Dr. Sheiner says that he would like to see results of an MRI or CT scan considering Biden has had two brain aneurysms in 1988, one of which nearly killed him.

The records also don’t include regular checkups to screen for future issues, or any mention of his vision despite the strange incident where his eye filled up with blood during a town hall in September of this year. Biden had blamed this on a problem with his contact lens.

Dr. Sheiner was also concerned about President Trump’s health especially after November’s unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center.

During his 2016 campaign, Trump’s doctor declared he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Later, the press learned the phrase had been dictated by Trump himself, and the White House provided few details of an unscheduled visit the president made in November to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Scheiner said he wants to see MRI results for Trump to check for strokes, as well as a neurocognitive assessment. He raised concerns about the president’s speech pattern and behavior, saying it may be a sign of neurological damage.

“Something happened,” Scheiner said of the Walter Reed visit.

Dr. Sheiner says that the stakes are high for the country and we cannot risk electing someone whose mental health may be diminished. Considering many of the Democratic candidates for President are in their 70s, this could indeed be an issue.

Health records have been released for 70-year-old Elizabeth Warren, and Dr. Sheiner says that she appears to be in good health. He was much more cynical after Michael  Bloomberg’s records were released on December 12 stating that he was in “outstanding health.” Dr. Sheiner called that hyperbole because the records said that Bloomberg, 77, has heart problems and takes blood thinners. He said, “’Outstanding health’? With that history, I wouldn’t call it outstanding health.”

Bernie Sanders, 78, has not released his medical records yet, but it is known that he had a heart attack in October.

Scheiner signed off on Obama’s health ahead of his presidential campaign, and while he still believes the former president had a clean bill of health and that another assessment would have been “superfluous,” he firmly believes that all candidates for the presidency should disclose far more medical information than they do now and that it should be collected and disclosed by an independent medical panel.

“The stakes are too high,” Scheiner said. “If they make a mistake because their cognitive skills are diminished, we pay the price.”

Source: Washington Examiner

He is correct, of course. The stakes are high.

Biden might be one of the more sane candidates policy-wise in the race to be the Democratic nominee, but he’s got some real issues. Remember, he’s got a bit of a problem controlling his anger, says bizarre things pretty regularly, and is obviously showing some problems with his memory.

Behold… the Democratic front-runner, ladies and gentlemen!

Good luck with that, Democrats!


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