Victims No More: These Orthodox Jews In NY Are Locked And Loaded

Written by Wes Walker on December 31, 2019

The question is — will New York’s finest be sent to arrest them for flaunting NY gun laws in protecting themselves from future attacks?

The Jewish population of New York (and surrounding area) sure haven’t been seeing any signs of their neighbors regulating their OWN worst behavior. Random acts of targeted violence have been spiking in New York for the last few months. There is some growing animosity against (specifically) Jewish people, with a willingness to express it through acts of violence.

And as much as the AOC’s of the world might want to blame some White Devil for this, that’s not what the arrest data is showing.

Not. At. All.

So, what do you do when a Kosher Deli gets shot up, when five people in a Hanukka celebration wind up cut with machetes and sent to the hospital (with furniture — tables and chairs — being employed as makeshift weapons to keep their attacker at bay), and when people with distinctive Jewish cultural dress are getting assaulted while going about their daily lives in the city?

You exercise your God-given right to protect yourself from aggressors. It was a right that the Framers well understood.

Here is a photo of some Orthodox Jews who have made up their minds NOT to be victims of the next attack.

But defying their attackers also means defying New York gun laws.

Twitchy did a good job of raising this issue (here). Two of the tweets they cited are of particular interest:

That puts Cuomo in an interesting dilemma, doesn’t it? Recognize the real value of gun rights, or come off looking like he’s leaving Jewish communities defenseless during a time where they are being singled out for violent attacks.

It’s not the first time we’ve been having a conversation of making ‘soft targets’ harder for the bad guys (whatever their motives) to attack.

“You must have it,” Rabbi Gary Moskowitz said of armed congregants. “A guy comes in with a gun, and what can they do? Throw chairs at them? We’re sitting ducks here.”

Moskowitz, a former cop, founded a group called the International Security Coalition of Clergy, which previously sought to arm Jews in synagogues out of fear jihadists would attack them.

Moskowitz is now once again calling on Jews to train and apply for permits to carry guns in their synagogues following the Pittsburgh attack — and he’s not alone. Sourc: Post

As any of our readers would know by now, we agree with Rabbi Moskowitz.


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