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WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon Is Triggered By A Meme — And It’s HILARIOUS

THIS is CNN — and it’s embarrassing. It also exposes a huge problem in cable news.

Last night, the Dumbest Man on Television™, CNN’s Don Lemon, was very, very upset. He could not believe that President Trump’s War Room Twitter account posted a meme.

Don Lemon isn’t an octogenarian fuddy-duddy who cannot understand what the kids these days are sharing on the interwebs — he’s just 53, a little older than I am — but he clearly doesn’t comprehend social media or something that we humans call “humor.”

Now, normally, you’d imagine that Don Lemon would relish in President Trump being compared to the Marvel villain, Thanos. He probably had a laugh when Josh Brolin read Trump’s tweets in the voice of Thanos.

But this meme that was posted by the Trump War Room yesterday was just too much for Lemon to handle.

It’s unclear how Lemon saw the meme because he’s admitted on his show that he doesn’t use Twitter himself. Nevertheless, it was apparently more newsworthy than reporting that the Articles of Impeachment filed against the President did not include the Democrat claim of bribery — or as Lemon called it, extortion.

Lemon, who is simultaneously confused, disappointed, outraged, and triggered, cannot believe that he must report this on “the news.”

Except… his show isn’t a hard-hitting, just-the-facts, strictly-the-news show, it’s an opinion show that is clearly colored by Lemon’s perspective. That’s fine. There is a market for that kind of commentary programming on news channels. It’s precisely the same as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham’s shows which are all opinion shows. The difference between Don Lemon and the trio of hosts on Fox News is that Lemon pretends that he’s an objective journalist and not just sharing his opinion while they clearly call themselves “commentators.”

This is precisely the problem with cable news and the Media(D) in general. When you mix commentary with reporting and don’t clearly spell that out, you get commentators posing as journalists like Lemon is doing. Now we have major media entities claiming to be unbiased but are solidly in a partisan bubble and don’t even realize it. Entire editorial boards are Democrats, sure, you might get a lone conservative writer in there, but it’ll be someone like Ana Navarro-Cárdenas or Jennifer Rubin, who can hardly be called conservative. Remember, The Atlantic fired Kevin Williamson simply for the sin of being conservative. Conversely, leftist “reporters” like Don Lemon are a dime a dozen.

Check out Lemon’s reaction to a meme:

How can you take this guy seriously?

He’s taking the incredibly partisan impeachment process as legitimate… after the Democrats peddled “bribery” — which he peddled — and suddenly removed it because it was added as a possible charge because of polling.

I almost feel bad for Don Lemon — almost. He’s an absolute joke.

Watch Lemon and his buddy, Fredo Cuomo say that if people are laughing at you, you are the joke.

Guess what, Don?

Never forget who Don Lemon is:


K. Walker

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