WATCH: Second Video Of Man Who Rattled Biden’s Cage Is As Good As The First

Written by Wes Walker on December 6, 2019

This guy seriously has Zero effs to give. But he knows he has a right to speak his mind. You’re gonna enjoy this.

Biden just had a Joe the Plumber moment in Iowa.

In a question and answer exchange after the event, one guy stood up and challenged him on an obvious Achilles Heel — Hunter Biden and his various foreign employers seemingly buying influence in the Biden family.

Not only did Mr. Malarkey lose his cool and call some random citizen a liar — not a good look — but when the 83-year old man mentioned having seen it on the news, Biden went on a rant about his size, weight and ‘sedentary’ life and bizarrely challenged him to a push-ups contest.

As though pushups are a required element of international negotiations.

It’s your MENTAL faculties that are in question here, CornPop. Nobody cares about your pushups. What’s next for Biden? Is he going to ‘whip it out’ the next time he’s challenged and compare who’s got the longer manhood? Grow up, old man!

We’ll drop in the video of Mr. Malarkey losing his $#*! if you haven’t already seen it. But reporters caught up with this guy after, and the easy-going grin on his face while making some random snarky d-bag run away with his tail between his legs is absolutely glorious.

“Stick it up your ass, fella.”

Here’s he is rattling Biden’s cage. Biden claims he ‘never’ called him ‘fat’. Judge for yourself.

We don’t know where this DGAF Iowan registered Independent stands politically, whether he supports Trump, a Biden rival, or possibly none of the above.

But we DO know that he still understands that in America, the politicians answer to the people, and not the other way around… and he doesn’t back down from conflict just because his opinion is unpopular.

Whatever party he stands for — or none at all — that’s his American Birthright.

Stay rowdy!