Whoopi Vs. McCain: The View Gets Nasty As Tempers Flare Over Impeachment (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on December 17, 2019

There’s a good reason we call these chicks ‘The Coven’. Whoopi shows us that reason in this clip.

The acid malice dripping from her lips says it all.

The tolerance crowd is tolerant of every kind of diversity except diversity of thought. And this clip reminds us that Megan McCain — like that parade of token conservative women before her — is there as a ‘token’ and not as an intellectual equal.

Because when McCain says something Whoopi disagrees with politically, McCain is expected to shut the **** up.

McCain isn’t even a Trump supporter. She just has an opinion on the Impeachment process that Whoopi didn’t want to hear on her show.

Here’s her Twitter feed since that:

Saying something the rest of us are thinking:

And this morning, she gave her ‘mic drop’ …

What Whoopi REALLY wants is something she can’t have.

She is silencing the minority voice on her show only because she can’t silence the millions of Americans who support Trump.

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