BOOM! Video Of Iranian Protests With Media(D) Audio Shows Just How WRONG The Press Was About Soleimani

Written by K. Walker on January 15, 2020

The Partisan Presstitutes were out in force defending the honor of Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani after he was killed in an airstrike.

The Media(D) claimed that the massive crowd that attended Soleimani’s funeral showed just how beloved the General in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was to the Iranian people. Iranian journalist and activist, Masih Alinejad says that the huge crowds were organized by the Iranian regime and it was all propaganda.

But the anti-Trump media couldn’t let Trump have a win even if it’s to give him credit for taking out a top terrorist mastermind. Instead, they had to insist that a show of strength in the face of Iranian aggression was “warmongering” on Trump’s part and courting World War III.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz reported from the funeral and said that it was a “powerful combination of grief and anger.” She spoke of the “sea of Iranians packing the streets to pay tribute to a man revered by many here” while they cried and carried photos of Soleimani and chanted “death to America.” Raddatz said that the message was clear, “these people want revenge.”

While Chris Matthews spoke of the large-scale mourning like that of Elvis or Princess Diana.

But, now that a few days have gone by, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Once it was revealed that the Iranian government shot down a passenger plane, the floodgates were open and the low-grade simmer that had been tamped down after thousands were detained and hundreds were killed in anti-regime protests in November came boiling over.

Iranians, who had gathered to mourn the deaths of the passengers of Ukraine flight 752, were enraged first by the deaths of innocents, then by the regime’s lies. Suddenly, those attending the memorial started chanting and protesting their government.

This video, showing Iranians facing arrest or even death for protesting against their government shows just how wrong the American media was.

It’s got to be embarrassing to be a member of the press that was reporting on the love that the Iranian people had for Soleimani when they tore down his pictures and burned a billboard with his face on it just days later.

Somehow, I don’t think that the Media(D) will learn anything from this lesson, however.


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