BREAKING: Senate Holds Vote On Having Witnesses — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 31, 2020

In an impeachment process whose results in both houses was known even before arguments were presented, one of the few unknown questions was whether witnesses would be called. Well, now we know.

After an insufferable wait of listening to the same tired arguments over and over, and the scolding showboating by the Schiff weasel team, this stage has finally come to an end.

Just before suppertime on Friday night, the Senate finally took a vote on whether we should or should NOT hear from new witnesses.

This was the only real drama that was left in the clown show, and the media milked it for all it was worth.

With the Senate split 53-47, all the attention fell upon the four Republican Senators in the most vulnerable (read: ‘Blue’) States.

The talking point on the Left was that we couldn’t have a proper Impeachment Trial without the introduction of new witnesses or evidence

To the surprise of nobody, the most annoying Democrat in the Senate was the first of the four to crumble… Mittens Romney.

Senator Collins also vote allow more witnesses and evidence.

That left two others until after the close of questions last night, when Lamar Alexander announced that he did not need further evidence to arrive at a decision.

That set up a count of 49-50 with one undecided going into today.

If Lisa Murkowski voted ‘no’ to more witnesses, case closed, and the Senate moves forward to whatever is next. If yes, that would open up a world of drama as we figure out how to decide a tiebreaker with Mike Pence sitting recused.

Since she cannot speak from the House, she answered that question with a tweet-thread.

Did you catch that in the 4th post? Pocahontas insulting the Supreme court was the defining moment for her. It was from this story:

That’s right. The Dems lost. It’s all over but the crying.

Well, almost.

We’re not quite out of the morass yet. Dems have a few ways to drag this process out, and will almost certainly want to extend this past the State of the Union address.

As for the talking point about it being ‘illegitimate’, Trump may have something to say about how many witnesses the Senators have heard from: Chief Justice Roberts GLARES At Pocahontas After Ridiculous Impeachment Question

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