Dear Media(D): Iranians Are Chanting ‘Soleimani Is A Murderer’ In MASSIVE Protest — Is He Still Your Hero?

Written by K. Walker on January 11, 2020

While the U.S. Media(D) posts glowing tributes to dead terrorist, Qasem Soleimani, Iranians seem to have a very different view.

There is now significant unrest in Iran as the Iranian government finally admits that it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 killing all 176 souls on board.

Remember just last week when all of the talking heads on network television were saying that the immense crowd at Soleimani’s funeral proved just how much Iranians loved him.

On Good Morning America, Martha Raddatz spoke about the “powerful combination of grief and anger” from the crowds.

Then ABC News showed the Iranians that took to the streets in mourning.

Chris Matthews said that the death of Soleimani was like the death of Elvis or Princess Diana.



The massive crowd was organized by the Iranian government — just like the big crowds in North Korea. It was clearly propaganda and the Media(D) fell for it.

Our journalistic betters also seemed to forget the large anti-regime protests in November that the IRGC cracked down on killing 1500 Iranians.

A few hours ago, protests against the regime erupted at what was intended to be a memorial for the innocents that were killed on Ukrainian Airlines flight 752.

Iranian students began the protests at a university and more protests are quickly spreading across the country.

Social media is spreading the videos, which is a good thing because you’re unlikely to see the raw, anti-regime messages being shouted by protesters on any of the mainstream news outlets in the United States.

The chants include, “Soleimani was a murderer. His leader is also a murderer” and “The regime told us our enemy is the US. But actually, our enemy is right here” [in reference to the regime itself].” Notably, they’re also chanting “Death to Khameini” and “Death to the regime.”

It would seem that there are a number of Iranians that are not fans of the theocratic dictatorship that they live under and want change.

Masih Alinejad, a journalist and Iranian feminist activist who started the “White Wednesday” protests where women take of their headscarves and post videos of themselves on social media, is publishing a number of videos of the protests.

These protesters are putting their very lives on the line to speak out against their government. Recently, 1500 protesters were killed for doing the very same thing.

The regime is responding with tear gas.

The Media(D) have been aligning themselves with the Iranian regime by making apologies for them and attempting to portray Soleimani as a legitimate military leader and not the terrorist that he was, just to “own Trump” and it’s pretty disgusting.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it best:

Amen, brother.

Even the President weighed in.

No one should mourn this oxygen burglar, but since the Media(D) insists that he should be honored, let’s make sure it’s done properly.


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