Deflecting Don: Lemon Addresses The Viral Clip That Shows Him Laughing At Mockery Of Trump Supporters — No Apology

Written by Wes Walker on January 29, 2020

Well, Don screwed up badly enough that the brass got embarrassed. So he was obligated to give his half-assed apology. Do you buy it?

Yesterday, the internet lit up when Don Lemon laughed his fool head off in a weirdly exaggerated way after the dufus who ran Jeb!’s failed campaign made some lame joke about Trump being too dumb to find Ukraine on a map, even if it were labeled with the letter U and the image of a crane. Ha! Get it? Cuz he’s dumb! The segment kept beating that dead horse for a minute or two after that with such wit and wisdom as denouncing the ‘boomer rubes’ that vote for Trump, or the other guest chiming in that his supporters don’t like books or learning or maps.

Gee, have we *ever* heard any of these excuses before?

“I didn’t catch everything that was said.”

“I don’t believe in belittling people.”

First, cracking up like an idiot on air is NOT the kind of professionalism that should be expected of someone pulling down 7 or 8 figures. Then again, it isn’t like anyone is watching. More people probably saw this on viral clips than actually watched it live.

It’s pretty clear you got called out for ‘saying the quiet part out loud’.

Someone who floated the possibility of a Black Hole being responsible for a missing airliner should take a pass on criticizing the intelligence of other people.


What are the chances of him actually paying a price for this?

Well, since Zucker didn’t pay a price for the Project Veritas expose, probably nothing.