EPIC: Baby Ryan ‘Sings’ Thunderstruck And It’s AWESOME! (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 23, 2020

This is AC/DC like you’ve NEVER seen it before.

Fans of ‘Classic Rock’ will remember Thunderstruck.

Yes. That’s ‘Classic Rock’ now. How did THAT happen?

For anyone too young to have seen it the first time around, here’s the original song. It was one of the Rock ‘Anthems’ of its day.

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One proud parent took video of his son ‘Ryan’ doing all the things babies do, and cut samples of the sounds he made into a music video.

It must have taken a TON of work getting it just right. And when he was finished, it was AWESOME!

He isn’t the first person to give an unusual tribute to this particular AC/DC track.

A few years back, we featured the ‘2 Cellos’ version of it, here.

The original song stands apart, obviously.

But which of these two tributes do you like best?


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