EXPELLED: 12 Saudis Training In Pensacola Have Been Sent Packing — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2020

Hard to believe it was only a month ago that Pensacola was attacked by a terrorist with a gun, isn’t it?

We can now tell you that twelve Saudis are being sent home.

No, none of them were connected to the attack itself. They are being sent home for other reasons.

None of the Saudis targeted for expulsion is accused of aiding the Saudi second lieutenant whom authorities say killed three U.S. sailors and injured eight other people in the Dec. 6 rampage, CNN reported. But some of them were found to have ties to extremist groups and others are accused of possessing child pornography, the report said.

The Justice Department is also expected to conclude that the Pensacola attack was an act of terrorism, CNN reported. The FBI has been investigating the case as possible terrorism since discovering writings by the gunman, who was killed by sheriff’s deputies, The Washington Post reported.

Following the attack, about a dozen Saudi trainees were confined to their quarters in Pensacola as the FBI investigated the shooting as a possible terror attack and the Pentagon launched a review of some 850 Saudis undergoing training throughout the U.S., the report said.

Lunsford said law-abiding Americans have to “jump through hoops” to purchase a weapon or obtain a concealed-carry permit, yet the Pensacola gunman was able to buy one to carry out his attack on U.S. sailors. He said not all foreign trainees from “friendly nations” are supportive of the U.S. military.
Source: FoxNews

Our screening process needs a massive re-think.

And while we’re at it, how about trusting our troops carry their gun while on base? Does it really make sense to present our MILTARY as a ‘soft target’ for would-be terrorists to launch mass-casualty attacks?

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