FBI Is Looking Into Whether Ilhan Married Her Brother … Will ICE Get The Last Laugh?

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2020

FBI agents sat for hours with someone who handed over a ‘trove’ of documents alleging Ilhan committed marriage fraud, a serious felony.

The two agents said they would share the information with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Department of Education, but did not commit to opening an investigation into the firebrand lawmaker, the source said.
Source: NYPost

For a ‘freshman’ Congresswoman who spends most of her time pointing a finger of blame at other people, when she isn’t railing about how horrible American institutions are, and against ICE, this could get awkward for both her and her party.

How would it really reflect on the Democrats if it turns out that the America-hating antisemitic chick, soft on terrorist regimes, who has been accused of ‘being an Asset for Quatar and Iran’, has also committed immigration fraud?

Is now a bad time to point out that she’s sitting on a Foreign Affairs committee with all the security clearances that go with it?

Isn’t the central accusation in their Impeachment mantra, the danger it poses to National Security? It’s not like any of these accusations are coming out of the blue. They’re adding up.

In fact, she is hardly the only squad member to have had red flags raised about her compliance with US law.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is reviewing claims Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother, The Post has learned.

Two FBI agents held an hours-long meeting in Minnesota in mid-October with a concerned party who handed over a trove of documents regarding Omar’s 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a source with knowledge of the event said.

At the meeting, first reported by website The Blaze, the agents discussed concerns the Somali-born Democrat married Elmi, a British citizen rumored to be her brother, so he could obtain a green card and study in America, the source said.
Source: NYPost

Rep Steve King was pulled from all committee work after something he said in an interview that was deemed offensive.

But the Democrats can’t even bring themselves to call out Ilhan Omar by name for any of the long list of things she’s said and done since getting elected.

But we’re all supposed to take Democrats’ moral outrage seriously when they sharpen their pointing-fingers and stick them in the face of their rivals, right?

If Democrats care so deeply about ‘national security’, how about they start by pulling her off of any committee work until they have looked into these ‘asset of Quatar’ allegations by the Immam of Peace who claims to have corroborating evidence.

Isn’t that the sort of thing the Intelligence Committee was actually formed to look into, rather than highjacking the legitimate responsibilities of the Judicial Committee to oversee impeachment proceedings?

How many OTHER security matters have been put on the back burner so that Schiff could tilt at windmills in his little impeachment party?

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