Gun Permit Applications In NY Jewish Community Are Up By Nearly 1,000%

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2020

Looks like that spike in antisemitism has made a strong case in favor of self-defense.

Police can arrive on scene in minutes. But sometimes, ‘minutes’ is too long a wait.

If someone on the scene had a firearm where a machete-wielder broke up a Hannuka celebration, they wouldn’t have been reduced to fighting for their lives with improvised weapons like tables and chairs. They could have drawn their weapon, and, if necessary, fired, leaving his intended victims unharmed, instead of rushed to the hospital and an uncertain future.

People in the neighborhood of that tragic incident didn’t need any of that logic explained to them. They kinds figured it for themselves.

And then, they did something about it.

Applications for gun permits are surging in New York’s Rockland County after five Orthodox Jews were stabbed at a Hanukkah celebration at a local rabbi’s home.

The Rockland County Clerk’s office reported a nearly 1,000% increase in gun permit applications in the week following the Dec. 28 attack. The county clerk received 65 new gun permit applications, according to the New York Post. Before the attack, the office received an average of about six applications a week.

All but five of the new applications originated from the town of Ramapo, where the attack took place. Ramapo contains several heavily Jewish communities.

“A lot of people are worried, especially the large Hasidic and Jewish community in Rockland County,” said Erik Melanson, who owns Precision Gunsmiths in Rockland County. “I have had rabbis come in. Some of the rabbis already have concealed carry [permits].”
Source: WashinginExaminer

The Second Amendment isn’t just a defense against tyrants — although it is certainly that — it is an acknowledgment of something deeper. We each have a right, granted by God and not by the government, to defend ourselves against threats of violence.

And one of the simplest and most effective ways of defending ourselves, one that even the frail, the disabled and the aged can use to turn away attackers stronger or more numerous than themselves is a gun.

Human nature being what it is, it’s easy to get lulled into a sense of peace and complacency, thinking that (insert any crisis situation here) can’t happen to you. It’s horrible that it so often takes a tragedy like the attacks we saw through Hannukah to make the danger seem real enough to require proactive steps be taken.

On the plus side, there will be a LOT fewer potential victims in that neighborhood now.

And in the midst of a horrific tragedy like this one, that’s at least one good thing to come out of it.

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