Gun Sales Skyrocket With Many Paying In Cash While Northam Hires Gun-Grabbers — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 4, 2020

If you thought Obama was fantastic for gun sales, wait until you see Northam’s Virginia!

With Democrats sweeping Virginia, they are poised to make some serious changes to legislation, and they have gun ownership in their sights, so to speak.

The public has been getting ahead of it by stocking up while they still can.

With Virginia Democrats taking over all branches of state government, a firearms store owner in the state says sales of guns, magazines, and ammunition are up 200%, and more of his customers are paying in cash.

“This is the largest Christmas and November, December that we’ve had, basically, since Trump has come on board. The only other person that was a better salesman right now is when we had President Obama,” said Jerry Rapp, owner of SpecDive Tactical, in Alexandria, comparing the administrations of President Trump and his White House predecessor, Barack Obama.

“Every time [Obama] turned around he was going to ban something or make something illegal. But even that isn’t even close to the amount of sales we’re selling right now of magazines, of guns, of every kind of gun from pistol, rifle, shotguns, to AR platforms” and ammunition, Rapp told the Washington Examiner. “We can’t keep it in stock.”
Source: Washington Examiner

Second Amendment rights advocates are pushing back.

The NRA, for instance, has made the statement:

“Anti-gun billionaires who invested millions in the 2019 Virginia elections expect a return on that investment. While we mobilize our members and supporters to defeat Governor Northam’s political gun grab, the NRA remains committed to working with those members of the General Assembly who are focused on finding real solutions to violent crime in Virginia,” D.J. Spiker, NRA Institute for Legislative Action Virginia State Director, said in a statement.
Source: Townhall

The NRA has also put up a website in response to the coming gun-grabbing, on which they explain further:

Gov. Northam and his billionaire allies are desperate to yoke Virginians with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and turn hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Virginians into felons. Gov. Northam knows that none of his gun control proposals will make Virginians safer, but it will make it harder for law-abiding Virginians to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense. Click here to find your state legislators and contact them to voice your concern about Gov. Northam’s anti-gun agenda.

What restrictions are being proposed?

State Sen. Tommy Norment (R-James City County) had news about gun legislation in this year’s General Assembly session during a forum in Virginia Beach Friday.

Norment said mandatory background checks will likely pass in this year’s General Assembly.

…Norment said it’s clear recent gatherings at local government meetings supporting gun rights are making a statement. There’s no legal impact, but the protests are expressions of pro-gun values.

“Universal background checks, I predict, is coming out no matter what the governor has said. It is going to happen because there is majority of Republicans and Democrats who will pass it,” he said.

Norment then went on to make more news.

He said a “red flag law” that would take guns from those who are known dangers to themselves or others could also pass.

“But let me be clear about that,” he told the gathering of about 100 people. “If there is an appropriately, narrowly-drawn red flag law it will pass, but it must be drawn so tightly that due process is preserved.”
Source: WAVY

It gets WORSE:

“We see in the governor’s proposed budget that he wants $4 million and 18 new law-enforcement positions to enforce a ban on commonly-owned firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America senior vice president. — Source: Washington Examiner

Meanwhile, the Sanctuary city movement is continuing to grow:

The City Council will hold a special session Monday to vote on becoming a Second Amendment Constitutional City. The goal of the initiative is to signal the council’s support for gun rights and encourage state lawmakers to not pass laws that would infringe on the Second Amendment.

Since November, similar initiatives have been adopted by more than 100 counties and cities across the state, including in neighboring Chesapeake. — Source: The Virginian Pilot


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