President Trump: Enraging The Left With The Promises He Keeps — Here’s A List

Written by Wes Walker on January 1, 2020

The tally — so far — is that Trump has KEPT 319 promises he has made to the American public.

Had he made the same promises without following through with them, do you REALLY think they would hate him the way the do?

Of course not.

Because Washington’s permanent political class could have kept on doing whatever the hell they pleased with precious little direction from elected officials who come in and mess around with their plans from time to time.

They have forgotten that they are not actually the ones in charge, here… the voters are!

That would help to explain all the convulsions we’ve seen from what’s been called the ‘deep state’ in trying to derail his administration.

The Washington Examiner put out a story detailing all 319 of the promises this administration has kept so far. When you realize the lengths to which the Democrats (and even some RINOs) have gone to delay and deny his policy initiatives these last couple of years, that’s pretty impressive stuff.

The list provided to Secrets is the latest update of initiatives, executive orders, accomplishments, results, and brags with a focus on the improved economy, trade, energy independence, job creation, cuts to illegal immigration, the president’s America First foreign policy, help for veterans, cutting eight regulations for every new one, packing courts with conservatives, and Trump’s record of becoming the nation’s most anti-abortion chief executive.

It also charted Trump’s successes in killing more than a dozen major Obama-era initiatives.

Officials said the list would be longer if key agency initiatives were also included, such as the Department of Transportation’s move to boost rural infrastructure and the Interior Department’s expansion of areas open for hikers, hunters, and anglers.

As you might imagine, it’s too long to list in an article format, but if you are interested, you can see it (in full) here:

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Looks like just might be time for a little gloating to start the New Year off right!

Happy New Year, Clash nation!

Stay Rowdy!