Project Veritas: Bernie’s Sanders’ Staffer Round 2, Kyle Jurek, Self-Described Anarcho-Communist

Written by Wes Walker on January 15, 2020

Kyle Jurek, Field Organizer for Bernie describes himself as being ‘as far left as you can go’. Yesterday’s release covered his violence. Today builds on that… there are many others like him.

“If you can’t handle me at my most communist, then you don’t deserve me at my most anarchist.”

He is describing himself as further left than the Democratic Socialists of America. And there are plenty more like him in this campaign. He even names names.

In his mind, anyone who disagrees with his political agenda should go to the gulags where they can learn to be a ‘Comrade’. He actually admired Stalin for doing that.

Holly Hallman, Sanders Field Organizer thinks Kyle is ‘fabulous’.

This is the same Kyle who stopped himself halfway through saying ‘eliminating’ people that were insidious to the state, and replacing that word with ‘removing’. He transitioned directly from there go Gulags.

He LOVES himself an authoritarian police state.

The same d-bag who spoke approvingly of Cuba killing ‘reactionaries’ on the beaches, and talked about dragging MSNBC members out by their hair and setting them on fire.

Here is the short ‘Teaser film’ version of the video.

The full-length follow-up will be added when it becomes available.

Updated: the full-length version is now available:

One example of what’s in it.

Anderson Cooper was asked about the video that dropped yesterday. Curiously, he had no comment.

By the way… Gulags are NOT the utopian human work camps this extremist is describing. He could read Nobel Peace Prize-winning Gulag survivor and author of Gulag Archipeligo, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Or he could familiarize himself with data like this, widely available across the internet:

According to Soviet and NKVD records unearthed in 1993, the number is 1,053,829 people who died in the Gulags, or state-run forced labor-prison camps in the USSR from 1934–53 (Stalin era). However, going back to 1921 (not included in the Stalin era) until 1953 the number is 1.7 million people dead, of which there were 799,455 executions, while the rest died of “natural causes” from either malnutrition, disease, hypothermia etc.

Most Western historians differ on the death toll, and the numbers I just gave you are those acknowledged by the Soviets. Most historians find these numbers to be credible however the death toll by some is in the several millions, as there could have been many more deaths not reported by the NKVD. — Source: Quora

Here is the first of the series.

And if we’ve learned anything about how Project Veritas rolls these out, you can bet your ass there are plenty more videos coming.

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