Putting The ‘Fat’ In Fatwa: ‘Big’ ISIS Head Arrested In Mosul — Twitter Reactions Are Comedy GOLD

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2020

Not to brag or anything but this arrest was HUGE.

Not much of a flight risk, this one. Even if he CAN make it up to his feet, how fast could his mobility scooter possibly go?

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Remind you of anybody? How about this guy?

He’s a … Fat Bastard.


The ‘Fat’ part is obvious. But what about the bastard part?

Don’t worry, he’s got that covered, too.

The humor covered the gamut. We save the best for last.

There were hunger strike jokes.

Relevant Gifs…

Putting the FAT in Fatwa…

Hollywood references…

Laughing at his lack of any self-discipline.


Apologies in advance for the next one.

What? We warned you.

More open mockery.

Another play on words mocking jihadis:

This one would upset him. (Good.)

And our favorite, for fans of Jaws…


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