Serial Bank Robber ‘Laughing All The Way To The Bank’ With NY Parole Changes

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2020

No, really. He was actually laughing. And can you guess what he did once he got out?

This is what they call the ‘law of unintended consequences’. It’s the reality that hug-a-thug policies invariably fail to take into account. The reality of human nature that sometimes does bad things simply because they WANT to, and think the benefits outweigh the risks.

A man busted for knocking over FOUR — FOUR! — banks was let go without bail.

Even Gerod Woodberry couldn’t believe they were dumb enough to let him walk.

“I can’t believe they let me out,” Woodberry marveled as he retrieved his vouchered property at One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan, sources told The Post. “What were they thinking?”

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea voiced his frustration after The Post broke Woodberry’s story online Saturday.

“What motivation does this suspect have to return to court? None,” Shea tweeted.

“This makes NYPD cops’ jobs harder, and makes New Yorkers less safe.”
Source: NYPost

Three guesses what he did after he went free — and the first two don’t count.

He hit another bank.

Why is he getting away with it? Because he’s giving the bank tellers a note, but he isn’t brandishing a gun. So it isn’t technically armed robbery. So it’s ‘technically’ a non-violent crime.

Woodberry’s alleged spree began Dec. 30, when he slipped a note demanding money to a teller at a Chase bank at Ninth Avenue and West 16th Street, taking off with more than $1,000, police sources said.

He struck next at a Chase bank at Broadway and West 90th on Jan. 3 at about 3:30 p.m., again handing a teller a note, but leaving empty-handed, police said.

Three days later, he struck in the West Village, making off with more than $1,000, sources said.

On Jan. 8, he passed a note to an Upper West Side bank teller and left empty-handed, police said.
Source: NYPost

Cops, not surprisingly are not happy.

“Another unfortunate example of what we are facing under the new bail reform law. Certain individuals need to remain in jail for the safety of our city,” Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker said. “Judges must have the discretion to make that happen.”

Tweeted Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon, “Nobody in NYS is arguing cash bail is the ideal system. However, this case makes crystal clear why forbidding judicial discretion is a recipe for disaster. Let’s join EVERY OTHER STATE in the nation and give Judges discretion to consider public safety!”
Source: NYPost

This is just a taste of the Democrat’s grand plan for the entire nation.

We’ll pass on that ‘vison’ thanks.