So ‘Patriotic’: Left Cheers On Attack Against U.S. Embassy In Baghdad

Written by Wes Walker on January 2, 2020

Just how far off base do you have to be to cheer Iran’s leader against America’s President?

Remember back in the Obama era when the Media(Democrat) were outraged that Conservatives did not want his policies to succeed?

But their media outrage was misplaced. We didn’t ‘have it in’ for Obama. If we thought his policies would be good for America, we would have supported them. We wanted his socialist POLICIES to fail so that the COUNTRY as a whole would NOT.

And the more we find out about what was REALLY going on behind the curtain, the happier we are that his hands are now FAR from any direct access to the levers of political power.

But Leftists have it the other way around. They are so VERY wound up with a personalized hatred against President Trump that they would WELCOME bad things happening to America so long as they can be used to hurt Trump.

A perfect example of that thinking is Bill Maher hoping for an American recession. Why would he care? He’s already made his millions. He just wants to be rid of Orange Man Bad, and thinks a recession would hurt Trump at the polls.

Compare that thinking to reactions we’re now seeing in response to the Embassy riots in Iraq.

Trump tweeted in response to the riots.

Iran’s Khamenei tweeted back.

And American Blue Check Twitter picked a side. Guess which one?

Of course, they weren’t the only ones.

NeverTrumper Max Boot seems positively giddy about the escalation:

The New York Times was busy channeling the spirit of Walter Duranty. (NYT still hasn’t been shamed into returning that Pulitzer. Is it on the same wall of shame as their Russian Collusion awards?)

Liz Sly — WaPo’s ‘Beirut bureau chief, covering Lebanon, Syria and the wider region’ —  is still trying to make a Benghazi out of this story.

No. Actually, she’s going for something even bigger.

She’s going for ‘the fall of Saigon’. Of course she is.


When Trump calls these chowderheads ‘fake news’ and the ‘enemy of the people’… how do reactions like THESE ones to world events not prove his point?

And we’re not letting Obama off the hook here, either. The US contractor that was killed? He was killed by rocket attacks from Hezbollah.

Why should that matter? Because Obama gave the ‘stand down’ orders that shut down Project Cassandra. Why would he do that? To kiss Iran’s ass in an effort to get his precious treaty signed.

With Project Cassandra shut down, Hezbollah grew from being a Terrorist organization to a full-blown billion-dollar International Criminal Cartel.

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