Sorry Leftists, The Baghdad Embassy Clash Is NOT ‘Trump’s Benghazi’ — Here’s Why

Written by Wes Walker on January 1, 2020

The same folks who worked so hard to push Benghazi OFF the front page are now trying to call Iraq ‘Trump’s Benghazi’. Seriously? No.

Ben ‘Echo Chamber’ Rhodes wasted no time in trying to spin this story in a way to damage Trump. He claims that Trump’s foreign policy is driven by ‘Obama Envy’.


They sent more Marines than we first thought: 750 of them.

Also, the *ahem*protestors‘ seem to have gotten cold feet.

***end update***

It’s good to know that the Media(D) has finally figured out that such an event as Benghazi actually exists… even if they are only willing to talk about it now that it can be used as a club against Orange Man Bad.

Strange that none of these folks with such strong opinions about Benghazi set Obama straight a year ago…

Meanwhile, in the real world:

When the Embassy needed backup, THIS President sent in the cavalry.


What does that difference LOOK like?