Ted Cruz On Impeachment, Hunter Biden And How The Senate Can Legally COMPEL Testimony (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 23, 2020

Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles are giving us the inside baseball on what’s going on in the Senate hearings, what went right or wrong, and what’s coming next.

In the new after-hours special series ‘The Verdict’, being recorded IMMEDIATELY after hearings conclude each day, Cruz and Knowles kicked over some interesting rocks, revealing possible outcomes the Press has NOT been talking about.

They also talk about what they think is the Schiff Show’s first major blunder. (Well, aside from the impeachment itself.)

At about the 13:35 mark Cruz begins describing their strategic blunder.

The Democrats brought up Biden and Burisma. They asserted their spin that it was all bogus, but THEY introduced that topic into the conversation, basing his whole case on his claim that the investigations into Biden are a sham.

That’s an allegation. Allegations get tested. How would the President’s defense team test whether allegations against Biden are truly a ‘sham’? By testing those claims of corruption. If Biden and Burisma WERE corrupt — or more specifically, if Trump had any justifiable concern that this was the case — then Trump was entirely justified by inquiring into it.

And we can all go home.


Naturally, the conversation turned toward Biden testifying.

First, they reminded listeners that the same Adam Schiff who now claims that not allowing the defendant to put forward evidence is proof of an unfair trial just presided over the Kangaroo court we all saw play out in the House late last year. 17 witnesses were called AGAINST Trump and zero … ZERO … witnesses of Trump’s choosing could stand in his defense.

If Trump’s lawyers want to call Hunter Biden in their defense, there is nothing stopping them from doing so if they get 51 votes in support.

What happens if Hunter dosn’t want to testify, or if he refuses to answer questions, or pleads the fifth?

That’s where the conversation gets interesting.

(At about the 20 minute mark)

There’s a federal statute that gives the Senate authority to grant him what’s called ‘transactional immunity’. It means the Senate can FORCE him to testify, under the expectation that he cannot be prosecuted for anything he divulges.

He is saying that witnesses can be forced to testify or be put in jail.

And naturally, if Biden did not cooperate, and still plead the fifth, he would be in legal jeopardy if we discover any criminal wrongdoing in which he HAS been involved.

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