The Economy, Stupid: El Rushbo Puts Dem Economic Talking Points On BLAST

Written by Wes Walker on January 12, 2020

Trump RAN on fixing the economy and has DELIVERED on fixing the economy — despite ‘brainiacs’ like Paul Krugman and Obama himself saying it couldn’t be done.

Remember that taunt asking what kind of a ‘magic wand’ Trump would wave to bring all these jobs back? We do.

And once he was elected?

Well, Abracadabra.

Just HOW good is the economy? It’s so good that we’re now hearing reports about Taco Bell offering salaries of $100k to their managers.

It’s a supply-and-demand of skilled labor thing. There are more people looking to hire than qualified employees to fill those jobs.

Rush Limbaugh took a segment of his show to blast the Democrat talking points about the economy not helping the little guy:

RUSH: We’ll move on to the economic news because, man, that is just unparalleled. It’s incredible, 29,000 at the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Are you ready for this statistic? One-third of the gain from 28,000 to 29,000, Dow Jones Industrial Average, is due to people buying Apple stock, and of course Apple products. One company. One-third of the gain, 333 points of that 1,000 is Apple. Apple, the company, now worth $1.4 trillion.

Other companies that have driven up the market are McDonald’s, Microsoft, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, American classic companies. The unemployment news is great, and particularly the wage gains are all happening in the bottom two quintiles. Okay, yeah, quintile, like we have five different categories of income. And the bottom two, the lowest, you know, five categories, so quintuplets, quintiles, the bottom two quintiles where people are earning the least is where wage growth is the fastest, which is exactly what you want.

There is no way, there is no way to oppose it, there is no way to cast aspersions on it, but leave it to the Democrats to try to find ways, and they are.

To the economic news, and it’s mind-boggling. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is at 29,000. It is up 11 — what was it, 11,000 since Trump took office? It’s just unprecedented. Now, some in the media are saying, “Well, this is not any big deal because the average American is not in the stock market. It’s for the rich.” Some infobabe on CNN actually said, “Well, this isn’t any big deal because half the American people are not in the stock market.”

That is a crock. If anybody has any kind of a retirement plan at work, you are in the market. If you have a 401(k), if you have a SEP-IRA, if you have a SEP Keogh you are in the market. There’s any number of ways average Americans are in the market, may not even know it. But still, what’s the point? Got great economic news and you want to pee on it. You want to pee on, you’re trying to tell people, “Well, it’s not gonna affect you. Doesn’t mean anything for you.”

In the meantime, 145,000 new jobs were added in an economy already featuring full employment. There were 256,000 jobs added in November, 145,000 jobs last month. Unemployment holding steady three and a half percent. It’s the lowest in decades, like five decades. Wages are up 2.9% year over year, but the important thing, again, about the wage increases is where they are happening. They are happening at the lower end of the pay or wage scale. It’s exactly where you would want to see wages going up.

In fact, if you want to talk about negatives or problems related to these economic numbers, here’s one for you. There aren’t enough skilled workers to fill the jobs that are open now that feature nonwhite-collar or college degree-requirement work. There are all kinds of jobs available out there, and the number of skilled people to fill them is not sufficient.

So the market’s up. It’s, again, over 29,000. That’s an 11,000-point gain since Trump took office. (sniveling) “Well, Rush, that doesn’t mean anything! That w-w-w-wouldn’t matter! It could have gone up with any president.” Well, no, because it didn’t go up 11,000 with any other president. This is not an accident. It’s not a confluence of events that are coincidental. This is the result of specific policy, and we conservatives have been beating our chests over this for as long as we’ve been alive.

Conservative economic policy works. Here’s the proof. It’s in the pudding: 11,000 points in three years added to the DJI. That’s a record. That might never be touched. In addition to that, there is no… There’s always inflation, but there isn’t any killer inflation. There’s not even any really detectable inflation — and there is no recession. There is no recession despite the best efforts of the Drive-By Media to talk everybody into thinking that there is.
Source: Rush Limbaugh

Democrats are slow to admit this fact.

You don’t have to OWN any stocks to BENEFIT from a thriving stock market.

Pensions benefit from them. So do employment and wages.

Statists show us that wages among Americans on the lower economic rungs are feeling the benefits of an improving economy more than those further up the economic ladder.

And if you think this isn’t a function of Trump’s leadership, you need not look further than Canada, where their economy is now in the toilet, with massive layoffs.