WATCH: Don Lemon Gets Very, Very Drunk Ringing In The New Year On Live CNN Broadcast

Written by K. Walker on January 1, 2020

CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast with Don Lemon getting completely wasted alongside Brooke Baldwin has officially become a tradition.

It’s not like this is the first time he’s been sloshed on live television on New Year’s Eve.

He did it while ringing in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

But it seems to get worse every year.

Instead of the usual New Orleans show, Lemon and Baldwin were in Nashville to mark the start of 2020.

Lemon was singing and dancing on-air while completely toasted.


Did you catch that Don was singing “Get lit, get litty lit lit!” in falsetto?

Absolute cringe!

Speaking of “lit” it was a whole night of singing for the very, very drunk Don.

Don’s so drunk that he’sh shlurring hish wordsh…

And the filter is completely off…

It would seem that when Don Lemon gets drunk, he puts his hands in his pants and brings something out with them again. Fortunately, this time didn’t instigate a lawsuit

Drunk Don commits to have even more aggressively anti-Trump coverage in 2020 because it’s an election year.

He teased that he had a “big announcement” to make… and it was somewhere on his body.

Are we creeping back into lawsuit territory, Don?

Maybe he finally got drunk enough to get that nipple ring that Kathy Griffin was taunting him to have done on-air in 2016.

I don’t think those tats are real, but I kinda wish they were. Imagine a hungover Don Lemon waking up to those on his arms. That would be hilarious!

If all of that wasn’t weird enough, Don claims that something “a little weird” happened to him while he was in the crowd and that it had to do with “white power.”


Should we mock Don for getting totally wasted every New Year’s Eve?

Hell yes.

He’s a preening, supercilious, race-baiting wokescold who will claim moral superiority to anyone with whom he politically disagrees.

Lemon was very judgemental about Brett Kavanaugh’s college drinking… but he’s comfortable getting wasted live on television while he’s supposed to be doing his job on New Year’s Eve.


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