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Watch: Full-Length Interview With Jack Wilson, Hero Of Texas Church Shooting

He describes the event itself, the firearms training he offers, and his thought on church security more generally.

Hat-tip to Ammoland for bringing this interview to our attention.

The interview is in-depth. It covers Jack’s training methods at his range, the church shooting, and the formation of the church volunteer security team.

Jack Wilson gives details about how he acclimates new shooters to gun handling. He shows the range layout and explains some of his policies on defensive tactics for the church security team.

The reader finds out, for example, the security team was formed about 18-19 months ago, when the church moved to its present location in White Settlement.

One of the reasons for the formation of the team was the high crime incidence in the immediate area.

Jack says there were five homicides committed in 2018 within five miles of the church location.

Details are given of the shooting. Jack tells us why he was suspicious of the individual who murdered Jacks two friends before Jack could stop him.

The attacker was wearing a fake beard and a fake wig, with a “toboggan” (knit cap?) on top. He had on a long, 3/4 length coat. He was continually adjusting the fake beard.

The reason we have a good video of the attack and the armed congregants’ response, is Jack Wilson talked to the Church Audio Video group and told them to keep a camera on the suspicious person before the attack started.
Source: Ammoland

He even goes into detail about one of the victims drawing at the same time as the killer, but not quite getting the shot off, about how they had the killer under scrutiny from the moment he walked into the church, with one security officer taking a seat nearby to keep an eye on him. The AV guy was also working as part of the security team, which is why the footage of the killer was trained on him in the first place.

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