WATCH: Project Veritas Video Exposes Bernie’s Campaign Organizer As PRO-Gulag And PRO-Reeducation

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2020

“If Trump gets elected, f**king cities burn.” — Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Field Organizer

Well that’s a whole new take on ‘feel the Bern, isn’t it?

Behind closed doors, Bernie’s guy, Kyle Jurek is openly pro-violence. Here are a few excerpts from the video. Then watch the whole thing yourself.

He wants to see Billionaires breaking rocks in the Gulags.

He tells us ‘facists only understand violence’.

He wants to walk into MSNBC Studios, drag those MF’ers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.

What do we do with people that resist the change?

In Cuba they shot them. You want to fight against the Revolution? You’re gonna die for it MF-er.

‘Bernie’s a bad judge of character… like he’s friends with Elizabeth Warren.’

In this light, the connections between the Left (including Senator Sanders’ Democratic Socialist surrogate, AOC) and the violent wing of their party, Antifa make a lot more sense.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught political activists orchestrating violence:

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If we compare these Bernie Bros to violent revolutionaries of the past (Soviet or Fascist, take your pick), Antifa suddenly looks an awful lot like the shock troops those groups used to help consolidate their power and intimidate their political rivals.

All they need to do is sufficiently demonize their opponents to make their violence justified (which they are hard at work doing already, with plenty of help from CNN and MSNBC) and they might even seem to be the good guys.

Didn’t even Biden try to speak warmly of their actions in some violent conflicts?


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