WATCH: Puerto Ricans Bring A Guillotine To Protest Local Leaders At Capital Building

Written by Wes Walker on January 25, 2020

How are Puerto Ricans taking the news about corruption and ineptitude standing between their citizens and the Aid America had delivered? And the news that they deliberately HID that fact from them?

Well, they have delivered their leaders a VERY ‘sharp’ message.

They brought a life-sized Guillotine to their protest.

Imagine looking out of the Governor’s mansion to see THIS outside your window:

They may never see the phrase ‘heads will roll’ in the same light again. The protesters don’t seem to be buying the passing of the buck that folks like AOC like to kick around about everything being somehow a problem of ‘colonialism’.

No, that lets people who were elected to areas of specific responsibility off the hook too easily. They were elected to do a job. If someone from the US mainland failed this miserably, we’d be calling for his head. Puerto Rican officials should be held to the VERY same standard.

Jail time or mass resignations.

To be quite honest, that sends a FAR stronger message than just burning paper mache people in effigy.

Building a freaking guillotine like that, and taking it to a protest takes commitment.