WORST TAKE: NBC New York Says That The Rise In Anti-Semitic Attacks Can Be Blamed On The Jewish Community

Written by K. Walker on January 2, 2020

If the Media(D) wants to stop being called the “enemy of the people” they’re going to have to stop actually being the enemy of the people.

In one of the most atrocious examples of “blaming the victim” that we’ve seen since the Covington kids incident, NBC New York has decided to put the onus on the Hasidic community for daring to move outside of their designated ghetto and expanding to other areas in the New York area. Because it’s obvious that the residents of those areas would be hostile to them.

Oh, my gosh! That is an absolutely HORRIBLE take!

Just reading that tweet makes me shudder.

If you think that the tweet was bad, the article manages to be even worse.

For years, ultra-Orthodox Jewish families pushed out of increasingly expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods have been turning to the suburbs, where they have taken advantage of open space and cheaper housing to establish modern-day versions of the European shtetls where their ancestors lived for centuries before the Holocaust.

The expansion of Hasidic communities in New York’s Hudson Valley, the Catskills and northern New Jersey has led to predictable sparring over new housing development and local political control. It has also led to flare-ups of rhetoric seen by some as anti-Semitic.

Now, a pair of violent attacks on such communities, just weeks apart, worry many that intolerance is boiling over.

(Emphasis added)

“Flare-ups of rhetoric seen by some as anti-Semitic” — that’s quite the take right there.

Also, there are unprovoked beatings in the streets, shootings, and stabbings are also things that are happening, NBC.

But wait! There’s more…

The author then goes on to show the bigotry of “small town” residents who don’t like those “outsiders.”

Honestly, this is truly awful and horribly bigoted in a multiplicity of ways.

In small towns everywhere, resentment against newcomers and “outsiders” isn’t uncommon. Proposals for multi-family housing complexes in sleepy communities of single-family homes often trigger fervent opposition complete with lawn signs and rowdy town board meeting crowds.

Yet the tone of the debates over growth in some areas where Hasidic families have been moving has been more intense.

Could it be… the rabid anti-Semitism that seems to be embraced by some in the black community? Anti-Semites like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan are revered in some leftist circles and they are seen as “black leaders.” Perhaps promoting an anti-Semitic organization like the Nation of Islam is a bad thing? 

Adding the suggestion that people who live in less urbanized communities are somehow backward and bigoted to the “she wore a short skirt so deserved it” attitude of Jews moving into predominantly black neighborhoods shows the bias of the “journalist” that wrote this garbage.

In the small town of Chester, 60 miles north of New York City in Orange County, New York Attorney General Letitia James recently announced action to fight housing rules that she said were being used to improperly prevent an influx of Hasidic Jews. Local officials have denied anti-Semitism was behind opposition to plans to build over 400 homes in the town of 12,000 residents.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day said the arguments over housing density involve legitimate policy issues and are the biggest challenge when it comes to accommodating the growing Orthodox Jewish community.

The Orthodox community has special needs, he said, like housing for large families and residences within walking distance to a synagogue. That creates “demands that are counter to many of the communities they’re residing in,” Day said.

Questionable zoning decisions, he said, lead to resentment.

Source: NBC New York

Questionable zoning decisions like forbidding new houses of worship to be built is one way to keep Orthodox Jews who keep the Sabbath from moving to the neighborhood.

That tweet was quickly called out as the trash that it is on Twitter.

They were sufficiently shamed.

Here is the new tweet with the same garbage article.

I don’t think they’re going to issue a correction anytime soon, though.

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