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WTF? Bro Arrested For Selling Drugs Tells Police He Mixed His Mother’s Ashes With Weed

This may be the best “Don’t Do Drugs” message ever.

A 26-year old Wisconsin man, Austin Schroeder, and his 21-year old girlfriend, Kaitlin Geiger, are facing felony drug charges for selling marijuana.

Investigators received a tip that the couple was selling drugs out of their apartment. An informant that they sent was able to purchase marijuana. A few days later, the police searched the apartment and found 70 grams of marijuana, a small amount of MDMA (also known as Molly or Ecstasy), a drug scale, and bongs along with a “large amount of unknown powder and vegetable material.”

Schroeder, of Menomonee Falls, WI admitted to investigators that he cut the weed with his mother’s cremated remains but he didn’t explain why.

According to the complaint, Schroeder tried to explain the “large amount of unknown powder and vegetable material located in the apartment,” saying he “mixed these substances for a variety of reasons.”

Schroeder said his mom died a little more than a year ago, and, according to the complaint, “Schroeder indicates he took some of her ashes and mixed them with a variety of substances, some of which he ultimately ingested.”

The complaint doesn’t indicate if he mixed the cremated remains in any of the drugs he’s accused of selling.

Source: WGNTV

Schroeder and Geiger appeared in court on Tuesday but were released on a signature bond and will appear in Waukesha County Court again on January 28.

I’m not sure what’s worse — if he was ingesting his mother’s ashes himself or cutting the pot that he was selling with her ashes.

Either way, that’s utterly disgusting!


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