Adam Schiff Has Some Super-Shady Ukraine Connections — Is That Newsworthy?

Written by Wes Walker on February 18, 2020

The ringleader of the Impeachment circus was Adam Schiff who pointed his bony finger at Trump alleging wrongdoing and shady behavior in Ukraine. But Schiff, conveniently, was never cross-examined.

Schiff pushed back hard against Trump inviting Ukraine to look into Ukraine corruption that implicated Americans — could Schiff have connections to some big-ticket corrupt Ukraine officials of his one? Paul Sperry thinks he’s found some.

It was bad enough that he ran completely roughshod over the rights of the accused, allowing zero opportunity to call witnesses in his own defense — and even buried testimony of the one witness they called that would have (as we are told by those present) helped Trump make his case.

It was bad enough that Schiff was too gutless to take the same responsibility for his handiwork that Kenneth Starr did in sitting under oath and being cross-examined.

And this doesn’t even get into the shenanigans we saw with his team contacting the bogus Whistleblower in advance of the official complaint, or the fact that Schiff signed off on his staffers to travel to Ukraine BEFORE the infamous phone call ever took place.

Now we learn that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the connections between Schiff and a wealthy Ukrainian businessman of, let’s call it ‘dubious pedigree’.

Schiff, who has a leading role in Congress’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, is now facing questions about his link to businessman, Igor Pasternak.

Pasternak is the founder of Worldwide Aeros Corp, a manufacturer of airships aimed at both the military and commercial markets.

According to Fox News, Pasternak, who immigrated to American from Ukraine, has also been involved in weapons manufacturing.

Pasternak’s company has reportedly worked with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to produce a modified version of the M4 and M16 rifles.

The businessman has also hosted fundraisers in Washington, DC, for Schiff.

One such fundraiser occurred on July 18, 2013, at Pasternak’s DC home, according to DailyMail

It wasn’t just Schiff who stood to gain from this guy, either.

As I mentioned in my previous article, in 2013 Ukrainian Igor Pasternak held two different fund raisers for Rep. Adam Schiff asking for contributions between $1,000 and $2,500. Pelosi and Loretta Sanchez have also used Pasternak. He is an arms dealer and has sold arms in places like Syria.Dr. Rich Swier

Pasternak stood to make a tidy sum if Democrats could grease the wheels for him in Ukraine. And they did exactly that.

From the Illustrated Primer:

Pasternack also just happens to be right in the thick of the corruption allegations being leveled at Ukraine.


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