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You’re Fired: Alexander Vindman Turfed From National Security Council

The guy who played such a key role in the impeachment proceedings will soon be leaving the White House, say reports.

Alexander ‘Don’t call me Mister’ Vindman, who was instructed NOT to tell House Republicans which intelligence official he had shared his information with, was almost certainly the link that gave the ‘whistleblower’ the details he needed to kick off the Impeachment proceedings.


This announcement is no longer set to happen some time ‘soon’. It has now become a reality. Per @ALX of TPUSA:

BREAKING: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman has been escorted out of the White House by security and has been told his services are no longer needed.

**Update 2**

Vindman’s twin brother and Gordon Sondland have been thrown out.

***End Update***

We never got the chance to test the obvious theory that impeachment was a deliberate and coordinated conspiracy to oust the President because Schiff deliberately disallowed any such questions… even though he himself was implicated in any potential conspiracy as, at minimum, a ‘fact witness’.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry, has told colleagues he expects to leave the White House’s National Security Council in the coming weeks to return to the Defense Department, a source tells CNN.

Vindman said his departure from the council could come as soon as this month, the source said. That would be well ahead of the scheduled end of his time at the White House, which was originally slated to last until July. Vindman was appointed to his post in July 2018 and was asked to stay for two years.

The source did not say whether Vindman’s departure was voluntary or at the behest of the White House, though aides inside the West Wing had speculated it could come soon as the impeachment trial was over.

…Vindman’s duties were significantly curtailed after he testified — as were his those of his brother, an attorney for the council, according to sources familiar with the situation.
Source: StLouisPostDispatch


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