Biden Drops Nelson Mandela’s Name In Crazy Story — Even NYT Calls Him Out For Lying

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2020

What’s Joe’s next yarn? Did Joe help the Wright brothers in Kitty Hawk, too?

It’s pretty bad when even the NYTimes is calling out a Democrat for lying to the public.

It would be bad enough if he told his story one time. Then, at least, there’d be room to play the ‘he screwed up a story’ card. Or even the ‘he got confused’ card.

But to tell this same lie three times..? That was a choice.

Do you think maybe it has something to do with him watching his ‘firewall’ of support from black voters evaporate like dew in the morning sun?

There are several problems with his claim…

First, the testimony of the other party Joe referenced refutes it…

Next, there is a geography problem. There is a distance of 1400 kilometers (roughly 840 miles) between Sowoto and the prison in which Mandela was being held.

A parody account had a fun with the claim that Joe was dodging the press on this question:

The supposed ‘front-runner’ is having some real problems in this campaign.

By contrast, Trump has a Mandela story to his credit, but unlike Biden’s this is one that was told by the press back in the day, rather than by a cynical politician. The LA Times noted that Mandela’s tour of the US ran into some logistical difficulties in getting transportation to their various stops on his itinerary. Someone came to the rescue and bailed him out.

After feverish and failed negotiations with everyone from the U.S. government to private charter operators, the unlikely benefactor has turned out to be none other than Donald Trump.

Mandela and the approximately 80 people traveling with him arrived here Sunday in a Trump Shuttle 727 and will take the same plane on the rest of the tour, which ends in Los Angeles and Oakland late this week. The Trump shuttle also carried Mandela from New York to Boston on Saturday.

Christine Dolan, who handled logistics for the trip, said that organizers, desperate to find a plane in time for Mandela’s arrival in the United States last Wednesday, contacted Trump seeking to rent his private jet. He responded that it was being serviced and unavailable but offered to release a 727 from his shuttle fleet, Dolan said.

The 1990 article took a jab about Trump not doing it for free — he’s a businessman, after all — but they themselves had already made the case that other parties — even the government — were unable to come up with solutions of any kind.

Back to Biden, why would he tell such a lie?

Didn’t he figure out that habitual lying took the wind out of Liz Warren’s sails? What could have possibly made him believe that it would help in out, or that nobody would discover such an obvious lie?

After all, the only connection that comes to mind between Biden and Mandela is that his old boss, Barack something or other, embarrassed the nation and scandalized the world by taking selfies at a funeral.

Thanks for reminding us about that.