Biden Insults Yet ANOTHER Dem Voter With His WEIRDEST Old-Timey Insult Yet

Written by Wes Walker on February 10, 2020

Why stop at being ordinary ‘get off my lawn’ guy when Joe Biden can go for broke and let loose his inner Grandpa Simpson.

If Trump spoke to a young woman this way, Feminists would be marching in stupid pink hats by tomorrow. But Biden will get a pass over it.

Can anyone tell us what a ‘Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldier’ is, anyway?

So here’s what happened.

At a rally event in New Hampshire, some small-statured, college-aged young woman identifies herself as a student and nervously asked Joe a pretty intelligent question.

She noted that Biden, who was not compelled to park his ass in a chair through the impeachment process should have had a natural advantage going into Iowa, but somehow, he wasn’t able to leverage that into a strong showing of delegate support.

Fair question, right? It must be, Joe called it a ‘good question’.

And then he insulted her with one of his Hokey Corn-Pop-era insults. The only thing missing was a threat to take her behind the gym for a fistfight, or challenging her to a push-ups contest… which he might still have done had she been a guy.

How this hot mess of a guy was EVER considered as the Democratic frontrunner confounds many of us on the Right. In fact, the joke during the Obama Presidency was that he was deliberately chosen as ‘assassination insurance’ — as in, however badly Obama might be effing up the country, at least he isn’t Joe Biden.

Joe Biden(D) is being protected by the Media(D) who are offering up explanations for why he was only kidding, and using a John Wayne line that he’s used before.

This is the same ‘honest’ media that took Romney’s reference to having access to extensive HR records on file or, ‘binders full of women’, as somehow proof positive that he was a sexist, and clubbed him for the rest of his run with that out-of-context quote.

To say nothing about what they’ve thrown at Trump, since then.

Will they turn on Biden and let him have it?

Of course not. At least, not until the consensus is that Joe Biden is expendable.

Then they’ll turn on him the way they (eventually) turned on Bill Clinton for #MeToo issues … but not until after 2016 shut the door on their political futures.