Bloomberg Ad Uses Obama-Era Children In Cages Photo To Bash Trump (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on February 4, 2020

There was a world of difference in tone and theme between Trump’s Super Bowl ads and Mini Mike Bloomberg’s. Did you pick up on it?

When Trump ran his ads, it fit the mood and tone of the Sports event it was placed in. It was optimistic. The first ad had the joy of a woman reunited with her family after years spent in prison over a relatively minor charge. The second held up a soaring vision of the greatness of our nation.

Optimism. Joy.

How did Mike Bloomberg’s commercial compare?

It was a same-old-same-old attack ad.

More specifically, it was an attack ad built around a Democrat lie.

The image of ‘children in cages’ he laid at Trump’s feet didn’t actually happen during Trump’s presidency. The entire ‘children in cages’ narrative was a lie kicked off by an Obama official tweeting a photo.

The photo in question was taken during Obama’s time as president.

In fact, it was a rapid-fire series of images riddled with lies and empty Democrat talking points.

Shaking hands with Putin? Mueller debunked the whole ‘Russia Collusion’ conspiracy. If there were something there, they would have found it after $30M spent on it, and ZERO instances of executive privilege invoked.

Images of tiki torches? Stats show that race relations have been improving under Trump, and that they had soured under that other guy before him. — NBC News poll of the South: Voters’ support for Trump grows, residents see race relations improving

And the invoking of tiki torches was an attempt to invoke the ‘very fine people’ talking point that was a lie when the Media told it, was still a lie when Biden launched his campaign on it, and is just tedious now that Mini Mike is trying to smear Trump with an idea easily debunked with the full context, including words denouncing racists that came out of the President’s mouth not even 60 seconds after their favorite cherry-picked quote.

Maybe Steve Bannon really does have Bloomberg pegged: that he isn’t running for President so much as launching and funding a buy-out of the party itself, in an effort to remake it in his own image. Like he did by dumping boatloads of money in Virginia.

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