Can Bloomberg Buy The DNC And Bernie, Too? Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Yes’

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2020

The man so famous for saying ‘don’t doubt me on this’ is weighing in on what’s REALLY happening in the DNC… and he’s making a wild prediction.

In one segment of today’s transcript of his show entitled Bloomberg’s Buying the Democrat Party, Rush makes his case for why that isn’t just *possible* but why it is actually happening.

Here he is in his own words:

RUSH: Does the Democrat Party realize what Michael Bloomberg is doing to them? Does Crazy Bernie? Has he figured out yet what Bloomberg is doing? This is stunning to watch this, and all of the… You know, Bloomberg obviously has never been opposition researched. Bloomberg has bought off all opposition in his political career. As Mayor of New York City, he buys off the media by putting them on charitable boards that Bloomberg money is the number one source of. He’s bought off every critic he can possibly imagine in the Drive-By Media.

And, as such, there hasn’t been any opposition research. But now all of a sudden, there is, because the Republicans in the Trump White House are getting involved in producing all these old Bloomberg videos where he’s saying some of the most outrageous, egregious, insulting, embarrassing things. These are the kind of things that people accuse Republicans of saying and being and doing that Republicans don’t say and are not. It’s Democrats that are — and here’s Bloomberg running as a Democrat.

And he is forcing all these Democrats to ignore what he has said about minorities, what he said about the elderly, what he has said about women. It is stunning the Democrats are allowing all of this to happen because they are so obsessed with beating Donald Trump that they’ll take anybody who can do it — and I’m gonna tell you Crazy Bernie people something too. You may not want to hear this, but your guy can be bought off too. How do you think he went whimpering away so quietly in 2016?

Hillary bought him a million-dollar house. Bernie Sanders can be bought, and if Bloomberg has to buy Bernie Sanders off to get the Democrat nomination, he’s gonna try to. And the question for you Bernie types is, “Will your guy be bought?” Because we established yesterday, Crazy Bernie is not a fighter. He is not a brawler. He is a straight, old-line communist ideologue — and Bloomberg is coming right for him. The Democrat Party is changing the rules in the middle of the game to let Bloomberg on a debate stage.

This is breathtaking to watch.

Wait ’til you hear some of the things that have been unearthed about what Bloomberg has said that Democrats and African-Americans are looking the other way at, and they’re endorsing Bloomberg. You know why? Because they can be bought. Bloomberg is buying everybody. He’s buying silence. He’s buying support. We’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve never seen this kind of money in politics. Bloomberg has already spent more than entire presidential campaigns go through. He’s bought his way into the Democrat Party debate tomorrow night.

Crazy Bernie is just now finally getting a handle on this and complaining about it, what the DNC and Bloomberg are doing. One of Bernie’s top advisers is a guy named Jeff Weaver, and he was talking to NBC News yesterday. He said, “To change the rules now, in the middle of the game, to accommodate Mike Bloomberg trying to buy his way into the Democrat nomination, that’s wrong. That’s just wrong. That’s the definition of a rigged system.”

Yeah, Bernie, I’m gonna tell you something. You’re gonna be a victim of it twice. (chuckles) It’s amazing how slow on the uptake these people are. Why is Bloomberg running? Bloomberg is so insidiously jealous of Trump (do not doubt me), you can’t understand it and you can’t fathom it. He is so jealous of Trump that he’s willing to spend more than you and I could ever conceive of having, in a bid to unseat Trump. And the Democrats, if they go ahead and they follow through and this guy gets their nomination, you wait.

This is gonna tear that party apart.

It’s gonna destroy everything they’ve ever claimed to be: Pro-African-American, pro-women, pro-gay, ’cause Bloomberg has come out and he’s the biggest misogynist, he’s the biggest racist, and he’s a homophobe — and he’s made no bones about it. There’s video, and there’s audio of the guy demonstrating it and proving it. He’s even joined Obama in the health care parade. Somebody shows up at 95 years of age with prostate cancer? (summarized) “Nope, we’re not gonna spend any money on ya. You’re not worth saving. Here’s a pill. Go away and die.”

He then goes on to talk about how Bloomberg (just like Obama before him) has gone on record saying that there is an age at which the State will decide that the effort (and more importantly, cost) it would take to cure you is a net loss to the State when weighed against your age and infirmity… and there will be people that the government simply refuses to provide health care for. (Apparently, this is a decision that Democrats believe should NOT be one strictly between a patient and the doctor. It is also precisely the point much-maligned Sarah Palin was making when she coined the term ‘Death Panels’ — arbiters of who DOES and DOES NOT receive curative medical care.)

What do you think about his observations?

Does Bernie have a price? Or will he (and his supporters) employ a Soviet Scorched Earth policy in fighting for the nomination? Scorched Earth, in this instance, meaning ‘if I lose, the winner will have won nothing but smoking ruins of what was once the Democratic Party’.

What about the media complicity… and the fact that Bloomberg has never REALLY been opposed?

Later he went on to call Bloomberg a ‘budding autocrat’ and cited both the third term he bought himself an exemption for, as well as the draconian legislation like limiting the size of a soft drink… an issue for which there is no plausible excuse for the government to interpose itself.

What do you think of Rush’s insights?