Chris Matthews Freaks Out Over Bernie’s Nevada Win… Invokes Hitler

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2020

Move over Trump, you’re no longer the only ‘literally Hitler’ in town. Suddenly Bernie is gunning for that job, too.

It’s bad enough that Chris Matthews doesn’t even pretend to be interested in dispassionate journalism. We all know he’s a Democrat flunkie.

But that wasn’t partisan enough. Now he’s picking favorites among his party. And Bernie Sanders is NOT on the list.

Now that Bernie Sanders looks to be running away with an early lead, Chris Matthews is afraid he’s got no white knight in the fight that can take on Trump and end his personal hell of … whatever it is about Trump’s Presidency that is giving Chris hysterics.

Here is a clip of Chris comparing the Nevada result to *checks notes* Hitler’s army pouring into France.

So, in 2020 we actually have a supposed news figure from one of the allegedly ‘reputable’ sources that don’t get deep-sixed by Silicon valley making a Hitlerian comparison to a Democratic Presidential candidate? One who happens to be, incidentally, ethnically JEWISH?

And Chris doesn’t see anything wrong with this?

Take a break Chris.

Maybe a career change would do you some good.

Have you ever considered being a clown?

Afer all, you’re already halfway there.

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