EXPOSED: A Threat Bigger Than Russia Is Already Corrupting Our Elections (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on February 10, 2020

Watch this then call your elected representatives and ask what they’re doing about it.

A new video released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation exposes how “politiqueras” are using their influence to interfere in elections. In the video, elected officials, investigators, and experts explain how voter fraud is being perpetrated for profit by “politiqueras” — individuals using their position to influence the way someone else votes.

“The way that we live has much to do with our fundamental right to vote,” says Omar Escobar, district attorney for Duval, Jim Hogg and Starr counties in Texas. “There is a difference between a political consultant and what we now term the ‘politiqueras.’ A political consultant is going to talk about the imaging and the messaging; that’s different than a woman at a pantry center giving pantry to individuals and insinuating that if they don’t vote in a particular way, that they’re not going to get pantry anymore.”

Source: Texas Public Policy Foundation

It’s more than just nudging legal voters in a preferred political direction, though. There are also instances of absentee ballots collected and signed with no candidate selected. Othal Brand Jr., a former mayor of McAllen, says that he was approached by a young man who offered him 500 pre-signed blank mail-in ballots. Brand said, “It was fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt. In the Valley, they joke about it.”

Private investigator Raul Cruz says that some voters are paid to go to the polls, and in one instance, certain individuals were being paid in cocaine to vote a certain way. He adds that “if you pay the right people, you’re guaranteed a win in this county.”

Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of the Public Interest Legal Foundation says, “We are finding over and over again that voter fraud is the canary in the coalmine to breakdown, to corruption, to lawlessness on a broader scale.”



The left will tell you that voter fraud isn’t a large-scale problem, but how many illegal votes must be cast before they see it as a problem?

The citizen’s right to vote is a sacred thing in this country and should be taken seriously.

This is why the right wants to ensure that the integrity of our elections is ensured. This is why we propose things like voter ID laws to ensure that only those who are legally eligible to vote can cast a ballot. The left, however, just wants the win no matter the cost. And the cost is very high — it’s our ability to hold free and fair elections.

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