Former DNC Chair Asks For Proof Of Mean Bernie Bros — Gets Dragged To Truthtown

Written by Wes Walker on February 21, 2020

The fact that Preachy Pete didn’t think of this example shows just how little they cared about that incident in the first place.

One of the big themes of the Dem Debates in Vegas included conversations about Bernie Bros throwing their weight around with people they disagreed with.

Bernie gave that straightforward excuse that 99% of his followers are decent. It’s just a few outliers. But really, what else COULD he say in that situation?

Preachy Pete countered with a good argument that the fact that some of his guys think they can behave like that in the name of his cause might lead him to ask what it is about his leadership that draws such people.

On social media, Keith Ellison had a question. You might remember him as the guy who was once DNC vice-chair, now AG of Minnesota, who faced abuse allegations and had connections with one Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam.

In the context of this question of mean Bernie Bros, he tried to call BS and wanted citations.

That backfired pretty quickly.

Actual footage of Ellison spiking that football:

What, Keith already forgot that someone on his team tried to murder some Republicans over their Health Care policies while they practiced baseball… and he damned near succeeded?

Yes, that guy was a Bernie Bro.

For another example, we’re not sure which Democrat Rand’s neighbor would pick in the primary, but we can tell you with confidence that he would be voting blue, given the chance.

Then there was the whole deal with Nick Sandmann and the Covington Kids. That was pretty mean and uncalled for… you could also ask just about anyone else who dared to wear a MAGA hat in public.